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Jotun: a giant. Not that Loki will be 50 feet tall or anything, it’s more like a racial distinction. Loki isn’t technically one of the Aesir but has special connections and is just about considered one.

Also, Dragon Age Origins is taking over my life. Alistair is just about the cutest thing ever. <3

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  1. Loki is only a half Jödun like the wolfs

    • Well, going by what Snorri Sturluson wrote in the Prose Edda (my Penguin Classics edition at least), Loki is the son of the giant Farbauti. It goes on to say Loki’s mother was named Laufey or Nal, but doesn’t specify if she was a giant or not. Loki’s origins are a bit fuzzy at best, especially since he’s allowed to wander around the Aesir and no explanation is really given how or why he has that privilege (or if it was, it was lost over time). Maybe he was only half jotun, I don’t know. I could be the wrongest wrong person that was ever wrong and I haven’t spent years studying this mythology and all its nooks and crannies to know one way or another, but in TMK’s universe at least, Loki is a full-blooded jotun. Thank you for reading and commenting! :D

  2. It’s odd because I remember once reading that Loki was also a son of Odin. Can’t remember where and I could never find it, or any mention of it, again. I found it strangely appropiate, like norse mythology was a bit ashamed of that fact.
    Loving this comic by the way.

    • Really? Wow, that could be interesting. And who knows, maybe he was! Most of what we know about the Norse myths come to us from only a handful of sources written by only a handful of guys. I’m sure a lot of stories were lost over the centuries. Some myths have references to other stories we know nothing about and can only guess at. And thank you! XD

  3. Well Loki was Odins adopted son, and he was a Jötunn. Son of Fárbauti and Laufey.
    But then remember that Norse mythology was NOT like the Bible, but oral traditions, that differed GREATLY depending on where in Scandinavia You were…
    Not all stories and backgrounds of each character (be it vanir, Aesir or Jötunn) was even known in all of Scandinavia, but fdifferent in different parts.
    Nice comic btw! ^^
    Wish someone artisticly minded would do the same with Kalevala… ;)

    • Yeah exactly. A great deal of what we know about Norse mythology comes from the legends still told in Iceland when Snorri wrote them down. I really need to sit and read the Eddas. DX

      And thank you! I’m glad you like it. :D I had to look up the Kalevala but that would undoubtedly be a great story to tell.

    • About four years late, but isn’t Loki Odin’s blood brother in the original mythos? o.o;

  4. Just found the comic today, and read through it twice, noticing the comments this time.
    Loki has seen various origins in my reading of different mythology sources.
    In some he gained the benefit of being in the presence of the gods or Aesir because of a pact he made with Odin where they mixed blood, making him semi divine. In others he is described as simply being “born of fire” and seems to get his deceptive nature from the flickering and constantly changing/destroying nature of fire. Even more interesting these same sources also describe him as having frost giant lineage.
    Sorry for the wall of text, but as a chaser, great comic and I look forward to seeing more of it.

    • Thank you so much! :D I’m glad you’re enjoying the comic so much, and thanks too for that extra info!

  5. In my sources Loki was a Frost Giant baby and he tried to kill Thor and the Avengers…
    Just kidding. Good comic by the way.

    • Haha, thanks! Marvel’s Thor/Avengers can be a good starting point, sort of, if they inspire people to read the myths. I’m all for that! :D

  6. “He’s crazier than before!”

    With the way Thor’s acting, that might be like the pot calling the kettle “black”.

  7. WHY are they surprised by that? If they ever had any problems, it probably had SOMETHING to do with Loki.