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Vanr: Singular of Vanir, a separate race of gods from the Aesir. It includes Freyr, his sister Freya, and their father Njord. A long time ago there was a war between the Vanir and the Aesir and those three were incorporated into the Norse pantheon. Freyr became an important fertility god and made up one third of the Big Boss Trio, the other two being Thor and Odin.

So it stands to reason Coal is in a lot of trouble if all three showed up to “greet” him. :D

Also Merry Christmas! Since I live in the area blasted with that snow storm last weekend, we’ll actually be having a white one. Fun! :D

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  1. Angry Thor is making me lol hardcore!

    Also, your drawing style on this comic is so…erm…cute…for lack of a better word popping into my mind.

    • Haha! Thanks Amanda! Cute is good. XD

  2. The last panel…all I can think of when seeing that is “my preciousss”

    • Haha! That’s certainly how Thor feels.

  3. Is it just me or, is there a Gollum vibe in that last panel. Our Preciouss..we wants our precious…

    • Haha! Thor is definitely very possessive of his Mjolnir.

  4. I love Thor’s puppydog eyes in that last panel.

    • Haha! Yeah he doesn’t want to give up his Mjolnir! D:

  5. But daaaaad!!