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Happy New Year’s Eve! :D

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  1. Oh MAN, Freyr is kind of a sweetie to Coal here. :’D WHAT A PAIR OF SWEETIES.

    • Haha! Yeah Freyr is a nice guy. ;3 They can’t ALL be moody meanies.

  2. hey, Odin, I know who has your spear! Look for a vampire named Remilia in a land called Gensokyo! /end Touhou reference

    • Haha! I don’t get that reference, but thank you for reading anyway. XD

  3. Awww, Freyr’s such a sweetie here. Everyone’s all gloomy and serious over their lost weapons, while he’s just smiling like there’s nothing wrong in the world. c:

    Wonderful comic here, been reading for an hour or so and I’m completely hooked!

    • Thank you! Yeah Freyr’s just a nice guy, he doesn’t see a reason to frown at the kid. XD

  4. Wait… wait a minute… Panel 2… was that a … smile from Coal?