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  1. No, we’re not covering up the future at all. XD

    And I think Coal was looking forward to his power beer…he’s not old enough to drink, even by Viking standards, I bet. :P

    • Haha! Everyone, even little kids, drank beer now and then, though for kids it was probably watered down. XD

  2. haha, Odin’s like DON’T mention Ragnarok! Also, I’ve heard that mead (if that’s what he is drinking” actually tastes very bad..

    This comic is amazing- I can’t believe such a great comic, and one so directly from Norse myths, actually exists. made my day!

    • I bet it tastes bad. I don’t like the taste of beer as it is. XD

      Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoy the comic! :3

      • Well, mead is made of honey… So imagine an alcoholic drink based on animal products instead of grain and… Yeah it’s not delicious. XD I’ll stick with plain juice, thank you.

  3. 3 things here. First Sarah, thank you for creating this story. I just found it and will check it daily even if you only update occosionaly. I love it. Second, if the water you drank had the possability of being contanminated with many differant things, you would give your children weak beer and weak wine in place of it as well. Third, I make my own beer and Mead at my home. My beer is an acquired taste as I like it bitter but my mead has been compared to a dry white wine. So if you like white wines you will most likely enjoy mead. : )

    • Thanks Bender I’m glad you like it! TMK updates every Thursday, so you don’t have to check back every day to see if a new comic was posted. And I’m not much of a wine fan either! I feel so pathetic that I have a hard time drinking alcohol. D: For me it’s mostly finding something less disgusting than something else. XD Thanks again!

  4. Sarah, this comic is amazing! I love the artwork and the storyline is so fascinating :)

    And btw: if the mead you’re drinking tastes like white wine, you’re not drinking the sweet stuff! I’m not a drinker, cannot stand the taste of beer at all, and have a hard time with any sort of wine, but the mead I’ve been drinking? It tastes like honey (since that’s what it’s made of!) very sweet and yummy:) My hubby and I have a glass every Thorsday to toast our favorite Thunderer:)

    • Thank you Valeriana! I haven’t actually had mead, just a few different alcoholic beverages, and it’s just hard for me to swallow them sometimes because they’re so bitter. XD Maybe someday I’ll try mead, if I ever get the chance. Just to say I did!

  5. I’ve got to agree with Valeriana – mead is rather delicious :)

    • I will definitely try some next time I get chance. XD

  6. Yes. I also have problems with a lot of alcohol. But I recently tried honey mead and it’s the bomb.

    • Haha, well I guess if I ever get the chance to try it I’ll have to give it a go. XD

  7. I’ve had 2 types of meads, one was at a Renfest, and it was (supposedly) in an older style. it was not bad, but somewhat bland and not very strong. the other was from a local liquor store, and it was pretty sweet, more of a desert wine. I’m sure mead can be made many ways, but it was nothing like beer. I’m w/Valeriana, Astragali, and parissmiles.

  8. Not mead? Mead was the favored drink of the time. That’s why they were Mead halls and not Beer halls.

  9. Anyone, who’s the … entity standing at Odin’s left and giving Coal the drinking horn ? Is she a valkyrie ?

  10. First rule about ragnarok is You do NOT talk about ragnarok