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Eye on the prize.

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  1. Your art reminds me a bit of Disney, especially the Sword in the Stone. Also a bit like Samurai Jack. Right now, the serpent’s eye and nostril makes me think of aluet art; i can just see that face decorating a canoe or a totem pole.

    Unfortunately, my mental imade of the midgard serpent is rather set. I once saw a ducmentary in which one of those suicidal australian naturalists was huning for a gigantic burmese python. He tracked it to a river and said sometimes they like to sleep in the water. Then he lay down, streched his arm in, and came up with a length of snake hooked in his elbow. It was all yellow and black speckles and as thick as the man’s neck and it made me think of Thor’s overly ambitious fishing trip. Hence for me, the serpent will always be yellow and black.

    • Thank you! And that’s fine about the serpent, I can bet that would leave quite an impression! For my version of Jormangandr I actually looked at some Norwegian fishing boats for his colors. A number of them had that white, green, and orange scheme and I really liked the combination. :D

  2. I take it that’s an insult. “You smell like Thor, gross, take a bath man.”