Chapter 2 | Page 8

Change of scenery. Don’t forget to vote! :3

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  1. Love your style dude.This is so uber cool! Also Coal’s buckteeth are a great addition. Ha ha, awesome comic. I’m already addicted. And that’s one awesome snake. : )

    • Thanks again! Yes, I also love Coal’s buckteeth. :B He doesn’t but whatever.

  2. He should have thought of that before he died. If he had become a varangian, he might have been able to find a dentist.

    • Hahaha, I’m not sure any amount of medieval dentistry would help out Coal’s choppers. He got them from this mother. ;D

  3. that landscape is awesome! i love the clouds. i’ll bet you wore out a lot of pencils practicing, to have such skill.

    • Thank you! I draw everything digitally though, only use pencils to draw thumbnails now. XD