Chapter 2 | Page 10

Coal is nothing if not determined. Good thing being dead means never getting tired.

New TWC incentive! One of the earliest drawings of Coal and Hedda (who shows up in a few chapters). You can see I’ve been doodling these guys for a couple years now! Where does the time go?

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  1. Hi! Just found your webcomic and am quite enjoying it! Definitely like the white wapiti creatures in the second panel :3

    • Thanks Aves! I had to look up “wapiti” and see you meant elk. XD I looked mostly at reindeer for reference, but it ended up only loose reference. They’re definitely some kind of deer…things. Thanks again! :3

  2. I also only just found this comic through your dA gallery. You don’t see too many comics based in Norse myth so this is quite fascinating. I look forward to more

    • Thanks! Yeah I’m surprised there aren’t more, but then again a lot of classic fantasy elements are derived from Norse mythology, so I guess that sort of counts. XD

  3. Good as being dead means for wakefulness, just look at what it’s done to Coal’s eyes

    • Haha, yeah, though that’s not so much because he’s dead as because of the drink Odin gave him. ;)

  4. ooOOoo.. we’re on safari! did the birds drink odin’s beer too? same eyes. or spies mebbe?

    • Haha, no, they’re just birds. OR ARE THEY.

  5. I think… this is one of my favorite pages. The animal panels are wonderful.