Chapter 2 | Pages 13 & 14

Ohhhh snap!

New incentive today! Very early sketches of Loki, though I settled on a design pretty quickly. I was inspired particularly by this drawing by John Bauer. He did several graceful, lovely drawings illustrating the Norse myths, and his art inspired not only Loki’s design, but his wife Sigyn’s as well. Makes sense they should match. ;)

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  1. Ohhh snap indeed! Backstab for triple damage. D:

    Coal is so surprised… of course, I would be too.

    • First extreme bit of emotion to really cross his face in a long time! Too bad he had to be stabbed for it…

  2. Oh no! Stabbed!
    That was uncalled for D:

    • That’s not what the stabber thinks. ;D

  3. Ouch! Somebody fetch that boy a band-aid!

    • Or whatever the Viking Age equivalent is…

  4. OH SNAP, or stab. Take your pick.

    Coal… isn’t a lucky guy, is he?

    • He’s DEAD, so….no. D:

  5. You back-stabbing owl! I knew he was just toooooo creepy to be trustworthy! i love how the feathers are flying around. :o

    • Thanks Megs! Yeah never trust an owl that can smile.

  6. Oh! That sneaky smug owl…I mean Loki! Poor Coal

    • Now he knows to watch out from above, at least! XD

  7. I’d hate it if i were unkillable and someone still stabbed me through a nice deep purple shirt. And unlike me, he can’t just run down to Kmart and get a new one.

    • Yeah man, and purple is a super expensive color too. D:

  8. yup, the eyes say it all. i knew the fox, and the owl were both loki. well, i thought they were. who else but a trickster would smile to your face, and poke a hole in your back. he is already dead, that was just, plain mean! lol