Chapter 2 | Page 16

And there’s Loki. More weird eyes. What’s up with that?

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  1. Hi there! Just came over from your listing on the Dreamer post today, and now I caught up. Thought I’d let you know. This looks to be a fun and intriguing comic!

    • Hi Scott! I remember that post! I wasn’t sure anyone would notice it, but yay! Thank you very much. I hope you continue to enjoy it! :3

  2. Here’s Loki, finally looking, shall I say… unsheepish?

    • Oh he’s far from sheepish. ;D

  3. He looks so pleased with himself… Also, I want his cloak. NAO.

    • Haha! It is a very special cloak. Technically it doesn’t even belong to him though…

      • Oh yeah, that’s right. Now that you mention it, I remember how Loki in the old Valhalla comic went through Freya’s various animal costumes when he wanted to disguise himself. I think he’d ticked her off though, because she wouldn’t let him have any at that time. Or at least none of the cool ones. :-)

        • Wow, those comics look beautiful! I wonder if I could find them all together or anything. Thanks for sharing!

          In the myths it sounds like Loki can change into almost anything, but when he wants to change into a bird he has to borrow Freya’s cloak. I wasn’t sure if I would go that route for TMK, but it would probably be more fun in the long run. I have a feeling Loki rarely returns things he borrows anyway. XD

  4. I found your comics through tomgeeks and I have to say it’s sooo refreshing to find fantasy/adventure based on Nordic mythology. There aren’t too many of those unlike medieval or DnD type. And I really like your style, despite I’m used to thinking mythology = intricate decoration. Keep up the good work!

    • Oh, thank you so much Evanthe! Yeah I’m surprised there aren’t more Norse mythology-type comics or anything too. I guess they’re so pervasive in regular old high fantasy what with elves and dwarves and magic rings that going to the source is too much hassle! Oh well, more for me. :3 I will definitely keep working, thanks so much!

  5. odin is not very popular, huh? “ilk” that is a word that looks down it’s nose at the world, for sure. lol

  6. yeah, that looks like the way he’d say “hi”