Chapter 2 | Page 17

Oh Coal, your priorities are in such perfect order.

New TWC incentive today! It’s a sneak peak of a scene from the next page. Coal’s a lucky guy! Or not. ;D

Yesterday I went around and updated some parts of the site. The biggest update is to the gallery where I added a whole bunch of old drawings. They were voting incentives at one time but this way if you missed them before you can see them! I also updated the fanart gallery and stuck my friend Hannah’s April Fool’s page up there. Yay sheep! I also updated the cast page and stuck up Loki’s picture and a short mostly uninformative blurb about him. Gotta love those. <3

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  1. Coal is quite miffed at Loki’s attempted murder!
    Those two little ravens are so cute!!!!!

    • I imagine anyone would be miffed about attempted murder. Thank you! XD

  2. Coal’s pose in panel 3 cracks me up- he looks like he’s about to start kung fu fighting~

    And Loki is awesome. Hands down.

    • Haha! He does look like that! That would be awesome, a kung fu fighting viking….

      • everybody was kung fu viking! HUAH!

  3. Ohoho, Do I spy Huginn and Muninn on this page? Or perhaps just birds passing by? Must keep reading..

  4. yea, it would be annoying hearing, “what hppened to your tunic” ’till ragnarok