Chapter 2 | Page 18

That kind of distraction tactic might work on a live fifteen-year-old male. Maybe.

New TWC incentive! Another sneak peak, but this time of a scene from Chapter 3! No good comes from a gleeful Loki.

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  1. Aww, Coal seems hurt Loki doesn’t remember him… xD

    “How could you not remember my awesome hair and sexy buckteeth? =O”

    • HAHAHAHA! So sexy.

      • How DOES Coal’s hair work anyway? Massive amounts of static electricity? Blubber as hair gel? It just defies gravity in a way that boggles my mind and makes me giggle.

        -That should totally be a vote incentive, explaining Coal’s hair!

        • That’s a good idea! I should do that. His hair isn’t so much gravity defying as just…a design choice, I guess. That could be a fun incentive, explaining the design process and ideas behind the characters. Thanks! ;D

  2. I’m thinking that the fact that Coal knows that there’s a man under that female disguise might have taken the romance out of the situation.

    • Yeah that too, but there are still bare breasts in the vicinity! Oh well.

      • Seduction first, then kill your victim when they aren’t looking. Loki just got them backwards. ;-D

        • He’ll definitely remember that the next time. Or not. He kinda, just, y’know, does his own thing. He’s a weirdo.

    • If Loki made his appearance to the boy as a girl like this, it would have worked.

      • Haha yeah! Though if Coal hadn’t been undead to start with the stabbing would have taken care of him anyway. XD

  3. Coal looks thoroughly unimpressed with Loki turning into a girl.

    He has a ‘serious business’ face on. There was definitely something in that Gatorade. XD

    • Haha! Well Coal knows who he’s dealing with. More or less.

  4. the ol’ squinky eye. if looks could kill, loki would be on fire about now.