Chapter 2 | Page 19

I guess Loki remembers him after all.

New TWC incentive! This is a page of doodles, among which is the very first drawing of Coal! He had weird hair even then.

I noticed yesterday that TMK’s RSS feed was spazzing out. I’m not sure how long it’s been that way, but it’s all fixed up now! Phew, I was spazzing out myself for a while there.

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  1. Why do I feel like Loki is just a few frames away from snatching that back?

    “Oh right, thanks for watching this for me kid. I’m gonna go use this to start Ragnarok now, kthxbai”

    …but that’s just what I would do xD.

    • Haha! This would be a short comic if he went and did that. XD

      • Then it’s a good thing he isn’t! … I hope? D:

        • Well I can’t TELL you either. Just hafta wait and see. ;3

  2. I’m looking forward for the next Page,wanna know what happens next. ^^

    Asaheil ok Vana Leif from Munich

    • Hi Leif! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. The next page is just a few days away, never fear! ;D