Chapter 2 | Page 23


New voting incentive, woo! TMK has a certain style, and it’s fun to take animals and try to turn them so they fit in with that style. Here you see my design experiments with an eagle. No specific species in mind really, just…an eagle. Thank you so much! <33 Edit: TWC issue fixed. Still don't really know what the problem was, but uploading the picture with a different name seemed to do the trick. Weird. Couple other things of awesome note. First off, I got another fanart! It's a totally awesome rendering of Coal done by my good friend Kate! It’s totally beautiful and I can’t stop going “EE!” whenever I see it. <33 THANK YOU KATE! Secondly, I signed up for a Formspring account. It looks pretty neat. It lets you ask me (or anyone on there) any sort of question you want! You can ask me about TMK, my art, what I like to read, my favorite animal, any sort of thing like that. We’ll see how it goes and if it’s worth itself before I stick a link on the sidebar. Just don’t expect any story spoilers. ;)

See you all next week! <333

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  1. Is that Huginn and Muninn I see in the tree there?

    • I was wondering if someone would know who those little ravens were. ;D Good job!

    • I was wondering whether Coal might be tailoring his beliefs about the gods’ power to his news-bearing audience there…

      • Haha! He doesn’t know they’re there actually, though I can see how it looks like he’s talking right to them. Bah. Dx Of course, Loki sees them. XD

  2. Umm… Last few pages? Your dialogue? I love.

    • Haha! Thanks! I love writing dialogue. :3

  3. ‘Hmmmm’ is right. What is he up to now? Trying to turn Coal against his original mission?
    They’d better choose their next words carefully because it looks like Hugin and Munin are eavesdropping.

    • You got that right. It’s like Viking Age Big Brother! Can’t escape it.

  4. Aw, I got mentioned! :D

    This page is just oozing with excellence. I love that you tossed Hugin and Mugin in there, and I get a real sense of epic foreshadowing with this conversation. You’ve got me SO HOOKED.

    • Awwww, of course you got mentioned! I still loooove that drawing omg so much. X3 Can’t gush enough!

  5. “Should they not be?”
    Well, I imagine Loki has said something similar in his mind, with possibly a different arrangement of the wording. :p

    • Haha! Yeah, most likely. ;D

    • Heh, along the lines of “Those who have absolute power need it reduced just enough that they will learn a little humility”.

  6. Eeep. Upon a second read-through, I declare this to be the most impressive page of the whole comic to date, from a scripting POV. First there’s good old Huginn and Muninn being all ominous, and then we get that close-up on Loki’s face/eyes. Somehow the lack of discernable expression makes that panel all the more powerful, ‘specially since by Ragnarok we know he’s rather violently not of Coal’s oblivious opinion. Oh, Loki.

  7. I love loki’s face of “who says they should be?”