Chapter 2 | Page 24

Heeey dialogue.

New TWC incentive this week is a preview of another future character: Ibrahim! Ibrahim is from the country of Al-Andalus (aka Andalusia aka Moorish Spain) and he gets to be dragged along with Coal and have wacky high jinks and stuff. Fun! Well I think so. He doesn’t like it much. =D

Thank you so much my friends, see you next week! <3

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  1. Surely things won’t be that easy with Loki in the biz.

  2. “I could take you to them myself…. or, I could just whip out my super-awesome-godly-weapon-pieces detector!!!!” No such luck :-(

    Andalusia? Like where Giselle from ‘Enchanted’ was from, LOL!!! Just kidding, though that would make a suitable freak-out moment for all of your characters if she randomly just came skipping through the scene with her little woodland animal friends.

    • HAHA! Oh man, that would be funny. XD That was actually Andalasia, but they probably got the name from Andalusia. That way it sounds like a real place! XD

  3. I can’t wait to see the fun of Ibrahim injected into the story! It seems to me like you have a lot of great characters that will come into play in the future. The suspense is painful (I’m like a child with that stuff), but I’m undoubtedly entertained by what you already have. ;) Don’t you worry. Coal will never get old, and I adore your spin on Loki.

    • Aww thanks! Yeah I can’t wait to bring in all those characters too, they’re so fun. And it’ll be even more fun to write/draw them interacting. Hopefully Coal and Loki will continue to be enough for a few chapters. XD Chapter 3 brings in some new secondary characters though! Woo!

  4. can you trust a trixter? i guess we will find out.

  5. I have come from the FUUUTURE!!! To confirm that Ibrahim indeed doesn’t like it at all.

    Miss Schanze, you have a great webcomic that is even more enjoyable the second time around. :)