Chapter 2 | Page 25

Yay for large pages of backgrounds. I’m going to miss this forest.

New TWC incentive! Some of the first ever sketches of Sigyn, along with her and Loki’s sons. It’s a new month so the votes are restarted. Thanks so much! :3

Next week begins Chapter 3! WOO!

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  1. Go go Sarah! :D Can’t wait for more!

    • Thanks! Next week is Chapter 3’s cover page! :3

  2. Daaaaaaawwwww, there are those cute little ravens again! Are they going to be in the background of every page watching Coal from now on?
    Loki’s got an interesting family, who’s the tall one in the middle?

    • Thanks! They won’t be in every page, just an occasional one now and then. ;3

      And the tall one is still Sigyn, but a different try at her design which is more like what I wanted.

      • Oh okay, because I didn’t remember Loki having a teenage goth daughter in the myths, LOL!

        • Haha! Well…he does have Hel. ;D

  3. ….Those are Odin’s ravens, aren’t they.

  4. I can’t get over the fact that I found a comic about one of my FAVORITE mythos ever, but you just keep adding little things that make me SO happy, like Thought and Memory…. And the way you replicate their metal working art work IT’S JUST TOO MUCH thank you.

    • Haha, thank you so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. :D