Chapter 3 | Haunted

Don’t you love cover pages? I love cover pages.

New TWC incentive! Something I drew totally unrelated to TMK, but I still drew it. It’s a friend’s character, and a practice in character design. Thank you so much! I love you guys. <3 Also, over the weekend I hammered out more of the story and there are now thirty chapters planned so far, and the story is still not done. I hope you guys are willing to stick around for a while cuz it's going to take...a while. :D

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  1. I kind of adore your cover pages. I also kind of adore the current TWC incentive . . . A LOT. I’m glad to hear you’ve gotten a lot of the TMK story worked out. I’m super excited to stick with the action and find out what happens down the line. :D

    • Thank you! :3 Course you’ve already seen that incentive pic. XD And yeah I hope you’re willing to stick around! It’s…gonna take a few years to do….Dang.

  2. By the eye of Odin, THIRTY CHAPTERS!!! ;-D

    • YES. And I still have more to figure out. Dx