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Loki is not impressed.

New incentive this week! Some sketches of another future character named Arne! And a funny looking old guy, who is not in the comic. Thanks everyone! <3

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  1. Every time you do a full view of Loki my heart flutters XD
    Oh dear, why am I so weak? The fact that I have a crush on every Norse god ever has nothing to do with it, I swear. ;_______;

    Excited for chapter three! Yaaaay!

    • Now I know your weakness! YOUR KRYPTONITE!

      Thank you! :3

  2. Nanananananananananananana BATCOAL

    • HAHA! He just needs the mask!

  3. What was Loki expecting, a stately yacht covered in beer kegs and dancing bikini-clad girls?
    I like your Loki design WAY better than the Marvel Comics version, though I can’t help but wonder what your version would look like in green spandex and giant gold horns, hahaha!

    • I had to go look up Marvel’s version because I don’t read superhero comics. All I can say is wow. Those are some serious horns he’s got. D:

      • I’ve added those giant horns to my list of parts of a super hero/villain costume that would seriously hinder fighting abilities, along with capes, corsets, and high heels.

        • Yeah their outfits are almost always ridiculous. XP

          • I tend to give Marvel’s Norse gods the benefit of the doubt because I like Jack Kirby, but Loki is rdiculous. He looks like a giant fork.

  4. You know, this Loki reminds me of the tenth Doctor Who. I’m not really sure why.

    • Haha! Is that a good thing, or a bad thing? XD

      • David Tennant = good thing :P

  5. Pfft, Loki, you expect your son to just swoop in at the last second, swallow you both, swim off, then spit you up wherever-have-you?

    Really, what kind of plot hole would that be. :P

    Although a stately yacht with beerkegs, as mentioned above, would be pretty cool.

    • If only Jor was around for all your traveling needs. Or a yacht with beer. ;D

  6. he’s a kid, it’s a boat. get over it and trick him into rowing! lol

  7. Look at it this way, Loki – at least you know he’s not compensating for anything :D

    • HAHAHA! Thaaaaat’s true. XD

  8. “Coal, I am a dissapoint.”
    And I’m not the only one that thinks that Coal looks like a tree trunk, right? No matter, it only adds to the epic-ness of the comic! Love TMK by the way. Thanks for the awesome comic!

    • HAHA! Yeah I think I’ll go back and redraw Coal on this page. Lots of pages that need changes like that. SIGH. And thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying the comic. :3