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I wonder how long they’ve sat there while Coal tries to dry his things. Hard to tell when you’re above the Arctic Circle.

It’s July first! This means the votes at TWC have been reset and stuff. Please vote to learn “WHAT’S UP WITH COAL’S HAIR?” It’s almost like a behind-the-scenes thing. ;D

Thanks everyone! <33

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  1. Unamused Loki is unamused, yet amusing. As is Coal’s frustration with his inability to be normal. Also, I really, really like the mountains. They’re quite pretty. And I wish my clothes made ‘plop’ping’ sound effects.

    • Haha! Thank you! Hopefully Coal will get used to his new quirks soon.

  2. “Which means appearing normal” says the guy in the bird cape! hehe. Who better to learn how to blend in from than the trickster & master of disguise – Loki!

    I love the “behind the scenes” bit on Coal’s hair! You should put that up in the art section or maybe a link in the character bio. Alphonse Mucha is a great source of inspiration :-)

    • Haha, yeah Loki could maybe teach him a thing or two! Maybe.

      I probably will put that “behind the scenes” thing in the gallery someday, or perhaps if I make an extras section. XD

    • oh dear… i just had the thoroughly amusing, yet disturbing image of Loki dancing around singing “i’m going to be a master of disguise. i’m going to be a master of diguise.”

      *gasp* someone should make a drawing of that!!!!!!! XD

  3. LOL! I honestly didn’t think Coal was wringing out wet clothes when I first saw the “RRRIP”.
    I can’t help picturing a fancy hairdresser telling Coal, “Young man, we simply must do something about your appalling Mucha hair!”

    • What did you THINK he was doing?

      ….Actually I don’t want to know. >_>;;

  4. A warrior doesn’t bring a suitcase full of clothes. Can’t he just freeze dry them?

    • If he’s not careful his things will freeze. XD

  5. Pfft, the smart boy does not think to make a fire and dry them instead of tearing them into little bits?
    Then again, he’s not a fan of Odin, and, y’know, that might mean he’s lacking in wisdom. *giggles*

    Oh Loki, your indeterminable patience for this wee bugger is truly inspiring.

    • Haha! Coal isn’t the brightest torch in the feast hall, that’s for sure. XD

  6. Oh wow, just noticed that even the sound effects are in a rune-ish type font.
    By the way, do you have any plans to sell this comic in print? :o If not I’ll still keep my thumbs crossed, haha. :)

    • Oops, meant fingers. ._.

    • I would love to put the comic into print, I just have to figure out how. XD I’d like to give it a real nice treatment, but such a thing costs money, and I’d have to make sure there’s even interest in a print version. If/when I do print it, it will be in volume increments, like several chapters per book. I don’t even have enough chapters done yet! XD But soon!

  7. That’s pretty impressive strength – considering it’s impossible to tear most cloths whilst they’re wet

    • Haha, yeah. Coal is super strong now!

  8. Is Coal going to take that money-box-chest-thing?