Chapter 3 | Page 4

That last little bit Loki says is “It worked on Idunn.” You can read the myth he’s referring to on Idunn’s Wikipedia page. Must’ve been tons of fun for Idunn.

TWC incentive this week are more sketches of Arne! Yay Arne. :3

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  1. Acorn transformation, the only way to travel! It makes long roadtrips with small children FAR less annoying.
    That would be a funny way to freak someone out- just stare at them really hard, and when they ask what you’re doing, just tell them what Loki says up there… and hope they don’t call the authorities.

    • HAHAHA! Oh man, that would be freaky. You could always try it and tell me how it turns out. ;3

      • I tried it, but it worked. Does it say how he turned Idunn back FROM a nut?

  2. Those “Winds of Change” in the second panel did not work as fast (and as good) as good old Loki expected. Ah well, at least it saved Coal from missing all the beautiful scenery and the other great ideas that Loki might develop.

  3. Most excellent page. ^_^

  4. Being turned into an acorn would suck.

    • Especially if you were dropped and left in the ground. D: