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AND THEY’RE ON THEIR WAY. *traveling music* Actually don’t worry there won’t be any sort of like traveling montage or anything.


TWC incentive this week are developmental sketches of Fenrir, Loki’s hairy little son who has a nasty habit of biting off hands. Vote to see! It was actually drawn at the behest of a friend of mine (Hi Kait!) and I’ve been running out of cool non-spoilery things to post for incentives. If you guys have something in mind you’d like to see (preferably TMK/Norse related), leave a comment and let me know! :3 Thank you!

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  1. South? I first would have said they are going to snatch Naglfar, but…

    • They’d have to go waaaaay South for that. XD

      • Bah, Humbug. It takes a good 9 days or so by flying horse, so what a few days more of rowing. *waves hand* ;) (And Naglfar is plain awesome. Maybe you could draw it for the incentives, whether it’ll ever appear in the comic or not)

        • Hey yeah that’s a good idea! That could be a fun thing to design. XD

  2. Loki’s little reply of “south” in this situation is the same at asking someone it they want the red or the green and getting the answer “yes”
    still amusing none the less :3

    • Haha! Yeah he’s always secretive. Gonna drive Coal nuts.

  3. Turning into a ship would be too much trouble for Loki, but making Coal row all the way “south” is no trouble at all! haha

    Hmm… vote incentive ideas. How about Freya and her cat chariot? That one is always a funny & adorable image!

    • Well at least Coal doesn’t get tired….

      That’s a good idea! I haven’t really drawn Freyja much, and I really have to wonder how a couple of little cats are supposed to pull a chariot….

      • Perhaps it was some species of wildcat like a lynx or Siberian tiger, I don’t know that much about northern European big cats. Unless the myths actually say they were domestic cats…

        • I can’t remember, I’ll have to go look! I think they just say “cats” which is certainly open to interpretation. XD

      • Dude, draw the biggest, hulkiest metal’d-out chariot ever, with fire and spikes and tank treads and stuff, and then have two adorable kitties attached to the front all ‘^u^’

        • HAHAHA! Oh man that would be awesome! XD

          • i gotta agree with hannah. AWESOMELY VICIOUS CHARIOT, cuwte, cuddwe, widdle kitties in the harness. too funny!

  4. With any luck they’ll either hit Gilligan’s Island or the ‘Lost’ island. Either way, Loki will have fun messing with people and Coal will go nuts with frustration.
    GAH! Fenrir! I’m not cleaning up after that pooch!

  5. I would love to see more Valkyrie for the vote incentives! I might have missed them before, but I wanna see Brynhildr!

    • Oh yeah! I don’t have individual designs for them since only one ever shows up, but it would be fun to try and design a few more. Good idea! :3

  6. Just finished reading up to this point, and all I can say is WOW! Your art, your story, your characters etc. etc., are just so AWESOMELY EPIC!

    Back to reality. I saw a comment about the word “Velkommen” a chapter or so ago, and wanted to share what I know. Being a Norwegian myself I think I might be able to contribute valuable linguistic information (in short, I know stuff).

    The word “Velkommen” is, quite rightly, actually a German word, though not written or pronounced exactly the same. Now, Norwegian is part of the German family of languages, and as such, both German, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish are relatively similar. As the langugaes evolved independently, German came to use the form “Willkommen”, and Norwegian currently uses the form “Velkommen”. Now, in the viking age, they used runes and we don’t know how they pronounced them, but translating runes into regular letters actually makes them entirely readable to the Scandinavian! So our language was probably very similar to today’s language back then.
    “Velkommen” is now used as “Welcome” would be in English, and “Hilsen” does not mean “Velkommen”. “Hilsen” would be more equivalent to “Greetings”, but you wouldn’t ever say “Hilsen” when you met someone. It’s used instead of “From” when writing letters, and a “Hilsen” is for example that hand thing soldiers do when they salute the king or other important royalties.

    Hope that was an interesting read to anyone who has gotten this far! ^^

    • Oh, wow, thanks for the info! That really clears things up, and I guess I’m still good using Velkommen for the word. XD I know that part of the world share a lot of language roots, and it’s pretty cool to see how words develop and change over the centuries. Thanks a lot! I’m glad you’re enjoying the comic too! :D

  7. Dang! I always forget something when commenting (gotta work on that)…

    I was wondering if I could use your blog sketches and this comic to practice expressions and background (and possibly other things)? I regularly see these “expression practice sheets” on DA, but real comics are so much better to practice with (in my opinion). I am also paranoid about using other people’s things, so there you have it: the reason.

    • Use it for practice? I’m not sure how that works, but I guess you can! XD I love to draw expressions, and I think I learned most about drawing and making different expressions by looking at lots of other artists and comics and animation. But don’t forget to look at real life too! There’s a wealth of information out there. ;D


    No traveling montage is complete without this song

    • Haha, that’s pretty catchy. XD