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Did I mention it’s actually about springtime in the comic? Well it is! This page (and this location really) was inspired by the old Viking town of Birka, the very first town in Sweden! It has a cemetery with 1600+ burial mounds, pretty cool! That’s not to say the comic takes place in Sweden specifically, but I always like to look at real places for inspiration. :3

TWC incentive this week are some more sketches of Sigyn, Loki’s lovely loyal lady. I need to color her soon since she shows up in the next chapter! Thanks you guys! <3

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  1. You weren’t kidding when you tweeted that there was a lot of green going on! All of this green makes me really happy, as do the faces of Coal and Loki. I also really like your use of texturing and using it to help add shadow effects. It looks really nifty and lifelike.

    Sorry, Coal, Loki may be a trickster god, but he ain’t joking this time ’round XD

    • Thanks! It was fun to play around with the shadows and such to really make this place look different from the previous locations. And yeah, Loki definitely isn’t joking. XD

  2. I really like the shading on this page, and Loki always amuses me

  3. I’m going to guess that “Birch” tree originates from “Birka.” That first panel is gorgeous! I <3 those trees and all of the shadows.

    • I think “birch” and “Birka” are related in a way but I can’t remember right now exactly how. I really just stuck the trees in there because I think they look cool. XD Thank you!

      • So, Birch, Birka, etc…
        In the old nordic/swedish language the word for birch was spelled Bjerk or Bierk, and in the 800’s the name of the place was called Birca, which is said to be a latinification of Björkö (birch island), which is the name of the island Birka is situated on. And Birka is simply the swedish version of that latinification.

        Just stumbled upon this comic yesterday, and just got done reading it all. :)
        I really like the story and the style, so it’s getting bookmarked right away!
        Used to be very much into norse mythology (or well mythology as a whole, loved the old greek and roman ones too) when I was a kid, but as time goes by you do forget things… So, thanks for giving me a reason to brush up on this subject… ;)

        • Thank you so much Gunilla! Yeah I remember reading all that stuff about Birka and its different names. I actually love “Bjorko” just because it must be so fun to say. XD I’m glad you’re liking the comic, and I’m also happy its inspired you to look into mythology again! I love mythology, and TMK will definitely have a few references to the myths, and probably a couple that happen as it goes on. ;3

  4. They got to land rather quickly, apparently it wasn’t too much trouble for Loki to transform himself into a boat motor.
    I LOVE the little sketch at the top left corner of the vote incentive. I can’t help but picture it as a decorative carving in the corners of an old wooden cabinet or something.

    • Thanks! :3 I like playing around with little designs like that, I might do something more with it someday.

  5. Very cool change in scenery. But I do sort of hope there’s some sort of hint to how they much time they spent rowing (and how they spent it) soon. I appreciate the story being pushed forward, but now I have a little bit of jet-lag.

    Still awesome, though.

    • Hey Lon! Thanks for commenting! :3 I’m afraid I don’t think I spend any time talking about this particular change, probably because compared to all the other traveling they do later it’s insignificant. I’ll keep it in mind for the future though. I’ve had jet-lag, it sucks! XD Thanks again!

  6. Have you ever read the Sandman comics? Some of the Norse gods are in there, and Loki’s wife is this nastily thin and uber miserable looking woman.. I like your version better! XD But about this page: It is very lovely!

    • No, I haven’t read those comics, but I’ve been meaning too! I have the first two volumes sitting patiently in my bookshelf. I had no idea Loki or Sigyn were in there. Sigyn is a pretty empty character and only mentioned like two times in the Norse myths, which is fun for me because then I can easily make her into what I want! ;3 I’m glad you like her design, hopefully you’ll like her character too. Thank you!

  7. Lovely page indeed :D
    As for the Sandman comics: I say read them (IMHO Loki’s depiction is far far far too one-dimensional.) I might have mentioned it before, but you should, if you haven’t yet, try and read the Valhalla-Comics XD.
    And keep up the good work
    (EDIT: Big sorry if this got posted twice. My net ate the comments before)

    • Thanks! I did go look at the Valhalla site that a commenter linked me to (maybe it was you! I can’t remember XD) and they were pretty gorgeous-looking. Unfortunately they’re all in German or French or something, so I can’t read them or find them in bookstores here. D:

      • Well, where are you from? :)

        • I’m located in the US. I went on Amazon looking for the comics but they didn’t have them, and if they don’t have them I’m not sure where else to look. D: I’ll just have to admire from afar!

          • *ponders* you know, there’s a semi-legal way *rubs nonexisting beard* (contact me on DA if you’re interessted XD )

      • It was I who linked them before! And they’re originally in Danish, but I read them in Swedish. (Not all of them though.) No idea if they’ve been translated to other languages as well, but it seems strange that they wouldn’t have been translated to English, considering the quality of those comics.

        • Ah yes, thanks Gillsing! XD It is a shame they’re not available in English, I’d definitely buy them. D:

        • sorry for more or less taking your credit ^^;

  8. I know those trees were tedious, but I love how they came out! Also, Loki is quite giggle-worthy in the last panel. ;)

    • Yeah, they took a while, but they were worth it. XD Thanks!

  9. Why are Coal’s eyes normal now?

    • They’re not, they’re still gray and slanted. Sometimes the amount of gray that shows and the size of the pupil changes for the sake of expressiveness. :D

  10. “Please tell me you’re joking”
    Considering that it’s Loki I’d say the chances are pretty high

  11. Loki’s face in the last panel should be an icon or something… That’s too precious!! :)