Chapter 3 | Page 7

Oh my, a town? Where could they be? Also I think this is the first time Coal’s name is actually said in the comic.

TWC this week are sketches and a written description of an old character from the original TMK incarnation. I know I’ve shown a sketch of him before, but these should be different, and this one comes with an explanation straight from my story file. I still think the flying dragony ship idea was cool, but oh well. Thanks! :3

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  1. Neat :3 Though Coal looks a bit like his brain just broke O_o
    (Btw: for flying boats there’s always Frey’s fantastic foldable flying ferry ;) )

    • Oh right Skidbladnir! That would certainly be useful. XD Thanks!

      • You’re most welcome :D *ponders if she can find more words with f*

  2. Hey, maybe that’s Coal’s village before he died? That’d be ironic. XD

    • That WOULD be ironic. :D

  3. wasn’t the vikings summer job pillaging? how is that different than stealing?

    • Haha, well stealing from monks is quite different from stealing from your own people. XD