Chapter 3 | Page 10

LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE. Wow yeah that was lame sorry. D:

TWC this week is Sigyn’s semi-proper model sheet! Finally figured out her colors and how I want her to look. I might regret all those little flower things I put on her dress when it comes time to actually draw her on a page though….

Also, almost totally unrelated, I finished American Gods over the weekend. It is awesome! Chock full of Norse references, among others. I highly recommend it. ;D

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  1. Ohmigosh I looove this page! :D

    Also I have a theory as to who might be buried there but I’m not going to say because I might be wrong D:

    • A theory ehhhh? I’m curious. ;D But don’t worry, the answer will come in a few pages!

  2. I have a theory too!! But watch me be totally wrong.

    I’m really enjoying this comic. It’s lovely.

    And American Gods! My boyfriend told me to read that and I just finished it about a week ago. Neil Gaiman has new respect from me :)

    • Haha! I wonder what kind of theories people can have when so little of the world or Coal’s history has been explained. Still, it might be obvious. :| Guess we’ll see soon! ;3 Thank you so much!

  3. Just read through your comic and LOVE it! Can’t wait for more :D

    • Thanks Courtney! I’m so happy you like it! Meanwhile I checked out your sketchblog, which is awesome and I’m going to follow you on there now. ;D

  4. Offhand given its Coal’s village, its someone he knows, and afterall its Loki…

    Coal’s father: either a leader or a bigtime warrior

    • That’s definitely a very logical assumption. *nodnod* ;3

  5. And -poof- goes the trickster XD Well, can’t wait for next Thursday :) Sigyn’s lovely btw

    • Yeah there goes Loki. But to where? Thank you! XD

      • Weeeell, did he suddenly get the ability to teleport? If not he likely turned into something tiny to get into the grave

        • It’s magic! *jazz hands*

  6. I rarely actually comment… More of a lurker… heh…
    Just wanted to say what you’ve been hearing from all your adoring fans; Your comic is lovely, your art is very interesting, and I most certainly plan on keeping up with this one!

    • Oh man thank you so much Abbil! I will do my best to keep up too, and I’m glad you commented! I love comments. :3