Chapter 3 | Page 13

Oh Loki, what a mess you’ve made.

So hey it’s a new month and the votes on TWC have been reset! For this week I have put up the non-bannerfied version of the banner up there that I use for TMK. I drew it some time ago before I even started on the comic, but it still has that misty fjord feeling that we’ll be coming up on in Chapter 4. You’ll notice there’s numerous little drawings on the mountains too, which pertain to Norse mythology or random Norsey things.

Thanks so much you guys! <3 Also I have a Formspring, and you guys should ask me stuff! :D Well if you have questions I guess? Yay!

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  1. His mother is a boat! NOOOOOOOO! ;-)

    • NO that’s not what I meant. >_>;;

  2. Now Loki is getting a bit mean…
    (BTW: I was thinking about starting my own webcomic…should I?)

    • Loki doesn’t mean to be mean. But he’s Loki.

      And sure! If you can handle it and your heart’s in it then go for it! :3

      • He’s hugworthy x3
        (I hope I can. Remember the Steampunk Mytholoyg Stuff in my gallery? Was thinking bout turning that into a comic)

  3. Isn’t burrying a Viking with his boat a sign of nobility or something like that? o_o

    • Not so much as nobility but wealth and status. Warriors were buried elaborately too sometimes. Then again they were sometimes burned on pyres too. It’s hard to really know what they believed about the afterlife and burial and what happened after you were dead, as it seems to differ so much from region to region.

      But in short, in this case…yes. XD

      • Cool, didn’t know that. :3
        Also, initial shock being past, I just noticed the small details on the boat. Holy shit. That must’ve taken you forever. XD

        • Haha! Yeah it takes a bit of time. I don’t think I’ll be doing a lot of close-up shots of the figurehead in the future. XD

  4. *flail*

    • *flail*

      • …*fail*
        I did that wrong…

  5. HAH! Awesome XD

  6. dude, that’s harsh! excellent art though. i’ve done some wood carving with hand chisels before, and that figurehead would take months to carve. incredible detail, awesome job!

    • Thank you! It’s based off a post found in the Oseberg burial, that’s even more detailed than what I drew. :D

  7. No, no, you’re supposed to say “Your”