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For this week’s TWC you get developmental sketches of Freyja! I think I might have created the first brunette Freyja to boot. Generally she seems to be blonde, but since I’ve already got plenty of blondies, I figured I’d change it up a bit. Plus I feel brunettes have more of a sexy, sultry look to them, which fits Freyja quite well. ;D Thanks guys! See ya next week!

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  1. … Whut? Coal’s goin’ all scary-like!

    I’m loving this comic so much. ^.^

    • Yeah Coal’s kinda going…nuts. XD Thank you!

  2. Dead Vikings – Taking the term -berserk-button- too litteral since 200 A.D

  3. It’s funny, cause in this comic, someone wants to kill Loki (crazy little Berserker Coal!) and in another comic I read, Loki is trying to kill someone!

    I really like your version of Loki. Coal totally creeps me out, though…

    • He creeps you out? Awesome! At the same time I find it funny. XD And what other comic are you reading where Loki wants to kill someone? I’m always intrigued about Norse mythology in comics. XD Unless it’s Marvel/DC doing it. >_>

      • Well, I don’t know about Caitydid, but Loki has his own evil side plot in Gaiman’s Sandman. That’s by Vertigo, but in general Vertigo tends to be less like mainstream DC.

        • Oh yeah, I am reading those, so no spoilers! XD I’m only on volume three. They’re pretty intense stories! But really interesting.

  4. Coal is scary!!! Love those intense eyes ^_^

    For Freyja, I remember stories always talking about her long Golden Hair. Brunettes are interesting (I’m one!), but I think that her golden hair color is part of what defines her.

    • That is true, and who knows? She might end up being blonde after all. It’s just fun to play around with different designs, especially for characters already so established like mythological figures. Thank you!

      • Freyja is a goddess of love and beauty, she could probably change her hair color whenever she wanted. Tomorrow she might feel like being a redhead!

        • Haha! That is a neat idea! She’s not known as a shapeshifter but she did have that cloak so she probably has more powers than we realize.

          • Well, IIRC Odin did learn Sejdr from her

          • Yeah I’ll have to have a look through my mythology books to figure out what they say. XD I think she’s more magical than she’s known for. Plus, being a vanr, maybe she’s got some even more special abilities. XD

  5. Uh oh, Coal is Hulking out… and is immediately stopped by a Bugs Bunny-esque trick (heck, Bugs probably learned everything he knows from Loki here!)

    • HAHA! Yeah, luckily Coal didn’t get all Hulky by turning green. That would just be weird!

      • I thought you might like this:

        I didn’t make this, I found it on Youtube a couple of days ago. It was a pitch for a cartoon show made by the animator, but it didn’t take because they thought Thor belonged to Marvel.
        Foolish mortals! Thor belongs to NO ONE!

        • HAHA! That looks interesting, though “typical” I guess. Nothing all that exciting about it even if Thor is the protagonist. Also no self-respecting viking woman went around in a fur bikini. D< Although they didn’t have any horned helmets, so I’ll give ’em that. XD

          • Well, boys’ art will be boys’ art- with their heroine’s well endowed chests, breast-plate bikinis, and stilleto heels that are so useful for fighting in, HA!

  6. OH DEAR. my plot-senses are tingling!

    I suspect something moreeee about them eyes. c:

    and woot for Freyja!

    and yay for my first comment. lul.

    • Thanks for commenting Almontri! Eyes are certainly a common theme in the story, and Coal’s eyes are especially telling, so it’s good to pay attention to them now and then. Thanks for reading! :D

    Wanted to share this with you for quite a while XD and now that I caught a cold and have nothing better to do….

    • HAHA Oh my god I think I’ve just found something to distract myself on YouTube with…Thanks! XD

  8. Never fear, Loki knows what to do kids! He’ll smash a jar on someone’s head and that’s that! Love this page. And something tells me it’s more than raging boy-hormones that’s causing that eye thing. Hahaha! XD

    • You’d be right there! It’ll be explained in the next page actually. Loki knows what’s up. ;)

  9. And im guessing there is no corpse of his mother aboard the ship:P
    Btw I like your drawing style.

    • Thank you! I think the next page explains more about his mother’s whereabouts. Or maybe the one after…But soon!

  10. For all those making “crazy” comments: I believe the proper term is “beserkirgang” ;)

    Anyway, I have to say as someone who was brought up on this mythology this is one of my favorite webcomics. Great job

    • Thank you Zeb! I hope I don’t make any huge errors with the mythology in the future. I wasn’t brought up on it but I’ve done a bit of research and for some reason I’ve really taken to it. Maybe because so much of the mythology is unknown and open to interpretation (and creative license). :D

      • I would definitely agree to that last comment, and in terms of accuracy, you’re doing a great job of it. I think the only “mistake” is that Thor has a red beard, but honestly, it’s easy to overlook when one considers the quality of your comic

  11. so what does Thistil Mistil Kistil mean????? i’ve tried looking it up in the googles and it all leads back to this site… Also, great work!! i came over from boxer hocke and i’ve read the entire archives and am very much hooked. Also, if the comic name’s like a big plot point to be rebealled up in subsequent chapters please do not answer cuz its really cool when all of the sudden all the pieces of the puzzle fall together.

    • Heh heh, well knowing the meaning of the words won’t spoil anything, it’s more a symbolic title than anything. But I hesitate to say where I got it from in hopes someone someday figures it out. ;3

  12. All I can find is references to a “Ledberg stone”, and theories about chanting spells over herbs… “thistle, mistletoe, casket”..? Perhaps something to do with Coal’s appearance or journey? That’s all I’ve got. ; ) Also– first comment for me, and this is one of my favorite web comics!

    • Thank you Threnodi! I’m glad you like the comic. As for the name, you are absolutely right. XD The three words have symbolic meaning to the story, more specifically certain characters. But that’s all I’m going to say!

  13. Ohh, interesting! Now I’ve gotta pay attention to try to figure who’s associated with what! ; D

  14. and thats what happens when you push the wrong button. silly loki, moms are offlimits. lots of blood spilt over mom.


  16. That’s not natural… or healthy.
    But then again he’s a viking. I’s an occupational hazard.