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Loki sure knows a fair bit about Coal’s family. HM.

TWC this week is a sneak peek of a panel from Chapter Four, of which I am in the process of thumbnailing. Those kids look troublesome if you ask me!

A few days ago Der-shing Helmer, from The Meek, was kind enough to plug TMK in her latest page! Some of you might know this already because you came here from there. XD Well in (semi) related news there is a new addition to the gallery, done by Der-shing! Now this isn’t exactly “fan” art because I commissioned it and if you watch her DA account you might’ve already seen it, but I wanted to show it here so you could see it bigger. Also I love it to itty bitty bits and make stupid happy face whenever I see it. <333 Go check it out, and if you're not reading The Meek already, check that out too! Coal has something of a comrade-in-bad-teeth there. I also updated the Links page with some non-comic links, mostly viking- and me-related. If you've ever wanted to see sites where I get some information about the vikings, or want to see what other sites I'm a member of, now you can! Thanks everyone! See ya next week! :D!

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  1. Well i guess christianity is to prefer over going to niflheim here.

    • Haha, certainly seems more appealing than a dark, cold underworld. XD

  2. I always get a kick out of Loki .

  3. There were nordics at the time of christianity? I always thought they came way before.


    • Haha! Oh yeah, there were Christians. Many Christian monasteries were attacked and plundered by vikings because they were easy targets. The people there were pretty defenseless and weak and easy to overpower and/or kill. Also most of the best loot was kept in monasteries.

      • Mhnn it coexisted for quite some while. In the end however all the kings decided to get christian and forced the rest of the country to become christian at swordpoint.

        • Haha, yep. TMK isn’t quite that far into it, but not too far behind either.

  4. So this must have been about the time when they were just starting to covert and there was a lot of mix in traditions.

    • TMK’s time frame is a bit liquid and lulls pretty much anywhere in the Viking Age. Coal’s mother was a Christian, his father was not. I could go more into it but then I’d be spoiling a story I’m going to tell eventually. So I’ll shut up. :D

  5. Is there any general reason the mast is broken? Or is it a story you intend to tell?

    • It just rotted and broke. When Loki raised the ship he repaired the body of the ship with his magic, but didn’t mess with the mast because they don’t need it. And you’ll find out the reason for that in a couple pages. ;3

  6. I got here from a link on the Meek! This webcomic is very, very interesting and I *so* look forward to following it from now on!

    • Thank you! I hope you continue to enjoy it. :D

  7. I adore this comic so much.

    Oh and I linked you over at my site! Helping spread the Coal love!

    • Thank you so much for the plug! <33 I'm glad you like the comic, and I hope you'll continue to like it too. :D

  8. Love the comic so far! Just found you thanks to the guest strip you did for Wayward Sons. :)

    • Thank you! I’m glad you’re liking the comic. :D

  9. By the way I saw your comic again referenced in the wayward sons legends comic :P

    • Haha, yeah! I did a guest comic for them. Pretty fun! XD

  10. Noooooo, where is the next page? :D Anyway, I had great time reading your comic from the beginning. Can’t wait more. ;)

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it. I wish I could update more during the week but alas, life (mostly work) has precedence. XD

  11. I just found this comic tonight and devoured the archives–and I’m really excited about what’s to come. I love the personalities of all the gods, and your designs for all the characters are simply stellar. (Well, except for Thor being blonde and slender. ;)) You have an amazing eye for comic work!

    • Thank you Heimdall! Haha, Heimdall…we’ll probably be seeing “you” later. ;D And yeaaaah I think I designed Thor before I really started reading the myths and by the time I realized he was essentially a red hairy boulder it was too late. D: Next time!

      • Oh boy! :) Can’t wait to see what you do with “me.” ;P

        And a lot of people don’t realize that Thor is, as you say, a red hairy boulder! (I really like that description btw, haha!) But you totally got his temper down! :P

      • You could still somehow blame loki for a dye-attack on thor’s hair. They did use a special soap to dye back in the days if I am informed correctly. And soap gets switched around quickly…

  12. I love your Loki! :D He feels RIGHT! :D

    Discovered ya through Wayward Sons, and I just finished reading through all of TMK! Well done, Sarah! Loki is my favorite god and you have captured his feel nicely!

    • Wow, thank you so much! I was worried Loki’s design and personality would be difficult to figure out, but they came rather easily. I hope people continue to like my version of Loki. XD