Chapter 3 | Page 19

Oh my.

TWC incentive this week are sketches of Loki when he was younger! It’s been my plan for a while that whenever I wrangle together the resources to get TMK printed, the first volume would include a bonus story of how Loki and Sigyn met and got together. Since that story has never been told in any myth, I have free reign of it. The Loki sketches included here would be him around that age.

Thanks guys! See ya next week! <3

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  1. Oh that is wicked. Why didn’t I see it coming?

    • Haha! I’m glad it was a surprise. :3

  2. Neeeaaaat :D *squeaks*
    (Tried my hands on that very story you mentioned too….should finally finish it >_> )

    • Thanks! XD Yeah I’m glad that’s never really been explained. I get to be mushy. :D

      • yay XD (personally I’m more stuck at the whole -thief of the goat- thingy )

  3. BOING!
    The ship is now on auto-pilot!

    • Makes things a little easier for sure! XD

  4. For some reason i keep asking you questions but i noticed i never really said that the comic where great so here: Nice artwork, good idea, thanks for no hornet helmets, nice style, good characters, good story so far. :P There, i wont forget it next time:P

    • Haha! I don’t mind questions, as long as I can answer them, but I’m glad you’re liking it so far! Thank you very much. :3

    • Actually, hornet helmets might be pretty cool.

  5. Your art style is lovely, and it reminds me of The Secret of Kells. It’s gorgeous. ^^

    • Thank you so much! That movie has been a huge inspiration to me lately, so that’s a big compliment. :D

  6. Awesome!
    And love love love the “Hm” face in the incentive :D

    • Haha, thank you! He’s surprisingly more expressive in his younger years. XD

  7. Oh, dear.


  8. Sure making tings more simple~

    Shapeshifting: My Favorite Ability of all time xD

    I”d like that you knew that while some comics I vote for curiosity of the incentive only, some I keep forgetting to vote, Yours is the only one I make sure to Check AND vote Everyday <3

    • Aww, thank you Stein! I’m glad you check every day, even though I only update on Thursdays! It means a lot. :D <3

      • If Anything, At least I get a daily dose of Loki 8D

  9. I found you by chance while googling my comic (Malaak), which you reviewd on your blog, and have now added you to my blog feed :) You have a really unusual style and it fits your subject matter very well!

    • GASP wow this is an honor! I’ve been following you for years and reading Malaak just as long. I’m so glad you like the comic enough to follow it! Thank you! :DDD