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I know a number of you were pulling for “Boat” as the name of…the boat, but I’m afraid the little guy needs a real name. “Rollo” is actually a name I came across in my vast Viking-related Wikipedia searches. This version of the name is not actually Scandinavian but how can you not like saying that name? It also serves the additional purpose of showing how far the Vikings got in their forays abroad. Rollo is the name of a Viking chieftain who founded Normandy in modern day France (Normandy=Norman=Northman) and he also founded his own noble line. The Dukes of Normandy were his descendants. Aside from the fun name, I wanted to use “Rollo” to show that the Vikings didn’t just putter around Scandinavia, Great Britain and Iceland. They traveled as far south as present-day Istanbul and Greece. They boated their way about the Mediterranean and attacked Paris numerous times. They beat Columbus to North America by almost 500 years. As always I encourage you to do your own research if you’re curious, but I was amazed at just how far they managed to travel.

Anyway, I hope you like our little Rolloboat. Wow if you say that fast it almost sounds like “row a boat.” Also that’s the end of Chapter Three! Yay! Next chapter introduced Sigyn, Narvi, and Vali, the rest of Loki’s family. Thanks for sticking with me! <33 TWC this week are the first sketches of a pair of characters that will show up eventually. They are quite important, though being fickle in their designs. Probably nothing of what I drew will stay with them, but I liked them enough to post them. Thank you!

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  1. Wow, that’s quite amazing indeed. Awesome, thanks for the info. Also Rollo is an awesome name. Great choice!

    Today’s page is particularly amazing, its very fresh. Really like the perspective here and how the light is refracting among the waves. Great job here! Really love your drawing style XD

    • Awww, thank you so much! :D

  2. A stunning scene! And I like Rollo, too. Rollo because he rolls? and pitches… and rolls… (urp!) Uh-Oh…. (runs to side of boat).

    I also love the ribbon of highway below the waves, leading our heroes to adventure! Is that the North Atlantic current?

    • The “ribbon of highway” is actually Jormungandr, following along silently. :3 He loves his daddy. Thank you!

      • I assumed that it was a reference to “whale-road” (hron-rād), “sail-road” (“seġl-rād”) or “swan-road” (swan-rād), kennings from Beowulf referring to the sea.

        I’ll continue to believe it’s a subtle allusion. :)

        Here’s a nifty wee list:

        Slaughter-dew! ;)

        • Ah yes, kennings, I have read of them. By all means believe anything that makes me appear smarter. ;D

  3. I have this felling that someone else is going too. I’m not sure why, or who, The Birds maybe? [/sarcasm]

    I Like Rollo~
    AND the old guy 8D

    And I’ll confess I’ve been wanting to do Loki ever since… I found this comic quite a while ago. But Been procrastinating on it >.>

    • Haha! If you mean fanart then I’d definitely love to see it someday. If you mean something else I’m quite curious. XD Thanks!

      • Yes I meant it as in Fanart xD

        WoW’s keeping me from being productive lately xD

        • If its keeping you busy now just wait till cataclysm… which is in a few weeks.

    Anybody want to start playing the ‘Jaws’ theme right about now?

    • HAHA that would be pretty appropriate. At least the thing in the water doesn’t mean them any harm.

      • And I just noticed that our two little raven friends are still following!

        • Hehe, yep! Always watching. ;3

  5. i think Rollo is the name of one of the boats on Deadliest Catch too.

    • Haha! Really? I don’t watch that show, but that’s pretty awesome. XD

  6. Lol. Rolloboat. Awesome name.

  7. “The “ribbon of highway” is actually Jormungandr, following along silently. :3 He loves his daddy.”

    Oh? Oh! That’s even better!

  8. Hiya. I take a look at this place every now and then. Interesting comic and love the art.

    Thought I’d say hello, and make mention of a certain Neopian guild that turns the crazy age of 10 tomorrow…

    • Haha, oh wow, hello! Man that’s been ages. XD I’m glad you’re enjoying the comic though. Thank you!

  9. I only just now noticed the big sea-snake thingie-ma-jig in the bottom!

    • Haha! Yep, it’s Jormungandr, tagging along. ;D

  10. I’m amazed. Really. Everything about this comic is impressive, and I’m quite addicted to webcomics, so I guess I AM one to talk. Thank you very much for rocking so hard.

    • Thank you so much! I hope I continue to manage this rocking thing. XD

  11. I thought Valhalla was a great comic…. HELL! This looks even better! 8D
    Greetings from other side of lake!

    • Awww, thank you so much! I’m happy you’re enjoying the comic. :D