Chapter Four | Urdr

UrĂ°r, or Urd, means fate. Take that as you will.

I know cover pages aren’t so spectacular for you guys compared to ordinary pages, but luckily this time around you’ve got some other things to look at! I have not one but two new additions to the “Art by Others” gallery. One is, again, not fanart, but a super cute commission of Loki and Sigyn done by the amazing Peachifruit. Please go check out her gallery, it’s just incredible! I’m especially envious of her color studies, it makes me want to experiment with my own use of color.

Now the other artwork I can genuinely call fanart because it was 100% unsolicited and a totally huge wonderful surprise! I was checking my blogs last week and what do I see but an adorable rendering of Coal by the super-talented Courtney Godbey! I went “Eee!” and instantly felt like a million bucks. Courtney has an awesome style that strikes a pleasing balance between detail and simplicity, and somehow every single drawing she puts up there seems to tell a story in just one image. That’s skill right there. Go check her out!

And now if you want to see my mediocre scribblings, you can vote for TWC this week and get some sketches of Hedda! She shows up in Chapter Five, so I’ve gotta get my mind in the groove for drawing her over and over. Thanks you guys! See you next week. <3

Oh and the Webcomic List Awards have opened nominations. So….Y’know. :D

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  1. Yay, I’m liking the Hedda sketches. Looking forward to her finally appearing in the comic after the webcomic charity wallpaper tease of her =P I’m looking forward to the new chapter too, very much ^^

    Also, both of the new artworks are gorgeous. Coal looks adorable in the second one with his pink nose and buck teeth =)

    • Haha, thank you! XD I know it’s been a while, but soon! Well…a few months still, but that’s better than a couple of years. :D

  2. HAIR!!!!!
    Seeing ‘Urd’ reminds me of the anime ‘Ah! My Goddess’, I was wondering if you’ve ever seen it?

    • No, I haven’t seen the anime itself, but I’ve seen plenty of art from it. There’s a lot of hair in there too from what I remember! XD

      • It’s a sweet and funny mash-up of Norse mythology, Christianity, and ‘Bewitched’… if you can picture such a thing! :-)

    • Well, that anime IS (very very loosely) based on north mythology after all (somehow…and very very losely) :)

  3. Neat :3….but….Narwi and Ari’s fate is…..oh dear :(

  4. I can’t wait for Chapter Four!!

  5. Hey,
    I found your comic tonight through a comment on another Norsey comic ( although it is unfortunately on Hiatus but lots in the archives) and read the whole archive :-( (sad face because there is no more for me to read)
    I love it <3
    I love the drawing style and I want Loki's hair
    I look forward to reading more :)

    • Awww thank you so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far! Pages are surely coming. :D

  6. Wasn’t faith Wyrd… ? or was that destiny… :S not sure :P

    • Well, “fate” and “destiny” are almost the same word on their own. Urdr is Old Norse for “fate”. However, according to Wikipedia, “wyrd” is the Old English version of the same name.

  7. I did offcourse mean fate instead of faith…. ><