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Or not.

It’s a new month, so TWC’s votes have been reset! Vote this week to see my very first thumbnails for the very first few pages of chapter one. They’re really quite different from what I ended up doing. Also, I’m not sure if I’ve already shown these or not, and if I have, then I’m sorry. D: This past week kinda got away from me. On the bright side, I completed NaNoWriMo! Woo!

And hey lookit! There’s a brand new fanart in the gallery once again from my friend Hannah, and it’s so freakin’ amazing it just blows my mind! It’s of Jormungandr, doing one of his favorite pastimes. :3 Check it out!

I actually have more things to say, but I’m tired and feeling a little burnt out today, so I’ll save them for next week. See ya then! :D <3

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  1. First? 8D

    Loki doesn’t seen to have liked Coal’s Question on last page xD

    • Yay first! And yeah, Loki doesn’t like being questioned by impertinent brats like Coal.

  2. Weehee! I am so happy to find out the author of one of my favorite comics is a Wrimo too. ^.^

    • Oh yeah, man, I’ve done it the past three years and won each time! XD It’s always a bit rough, but somehow I manage.

  3. Wooh! You did it. Way to go, Champ! :)
    Looks great, I love the lighting and colors on the bottom panel. Have some rest, you’ve earned it!

    • Thank you! I am certainly going to rest, most likely by building Harry Potter Legos. :3

  4. whats jotunheim, and what other thing was he gonna refer to after he said that? does loki have two homes?

    • Oh, whoops, I forgot to explain Jotunheim, sorry! Translated it means “Giant Land” or “Giant Home” or something along those lines. Loki is a jotun/giant, so Coal assumes they’re headed to where the other jotnar/giants live. And I don’t know where, mythologically speaking, Loki’s home is. It’s never mentioned in any source, but he flitters around between different places so much, and has a number of enemies, I gave him something of a place that is its own place. Not easy to get to if you don’t know where you’re going sorta deal.

      • cool! thanks for the explanation! =)

  5. Coal is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. Is it weird that I think Loki’s adorable, too?

    • Of course not! Loki would be offended if you didn’t. Though he might prefer the word “handsome” or some such as that. ;3

  6. Argh! This is the last completed page? So sad! I just discovered this and really want to keep reading. :)

    Thanks for the great story — I’m bookmarking you so I can keep up!

    • Aww, thank you! Yeah, for now this is the last page. D: But next week will be a new one! I’m glad you’re enjoying it! :D

  7. I love the “Did you forget who your talking to” face. XD

    Also, what a cozy little cabin. Unless it’s like one of those tents in Harry Potter where is a mini mansion inside.

    • ugh so many typos…

    • Thanks! Y’know, since Loki is a shapeshifter, he can certainly change the shape of their house if he wants to. And typos, bah! They happen to everyone. ;)