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Rollo loves you! He wants kisses! :DDD

Okay my little chickadees, listen up! I’ve got some announcements! Well two.

First! Extraordinarily long-time readers might remember that last year I participated in the Comic Creators Alliance, a group of comic artists coming together to end human trafficking. Well, I’m joining the initiative again this year, and if you’re a comic artist, you can too! For non-comickers, in January there will be a fundraising drive for the cause and the money will be split between two charities. A donation of any amount will get you a special wallpaper featuring characters from all the comickers participating. In my case, you’ll get to see Hedda again. ;3 Check it out and keep it in mind for January, and if you want to join in, read the website and email!

Secondly, you’ll notice a new menu bar up top, with the addition of a new section! The Extras section features wallpapers, icons, and past special TWC incentives. Someday I might add more if I can think of any. If you’re a follower of my Twitter account you might have already seen this page when I linked to it a couple of weeks ago. Twitter followers get little bonuses like that, not to mention next page previews. ;3

And now, finally, TWC. For this week’s incentive you get a mock-up of a cover or poster or something that popped into my head not long ago. Mostly just an experiment in design. It’s very simple and nothing extraordinary, but I hope you enjoy looking at it, or something. Thanks you guys! See you next week! <333

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  1. Well, Coal WAS pulling his leash <u<

    • At least it’s all in love. <33

    • You got that from up didn’t you?
      I have to say, so far I love this! I hope to see many more pages in the Future.

      • From up? Not sure what you mean, but I’m glad you’re enjoying the comic! :D Thank you so much!

  2. Loki has the best pets. Also I got an almost just as awesome purple tunic like Coal’s and now it makes me sooo happy whenever this updates!

    • Wow, really? Awesome! He actually ends up changing clothes later on but that’s not for a long time. XD Thank you!

      • I’m going to put together a coal outfit over Christmas break, because I’m such a fanboy. And when you change outfits I’ll probably get that one too ~_^. So loving this, keep up the awesome work!

        • Haha, omigosh, awesome! Good luck with the hair. ;D

  3. Like the story so far, but will Coal ever get time to repair his tunic or at least get a new one?

    • Thanks! And yes, he will. XD He actually gets a change of clothes in a couple of chapters too.

  4. One last question Sarah (I may have missed it while I was avidly reading your comic), what does the meaning of the title of your comic? They seem to be very familiar words that can be easily translated into English, but I would like your educated answer regarding this matter. Thanks in advance.
    P.S. I like what you did with Loki’s character. He seems very down to earth and human.

    • Thank you! I’m glad you like Loki, he’s a tricky guy to figure out. Hopefully he’ll stay likable. XD

      “Thistil Mistil Kistil” is a phrase I actually grabbed from an image stone while doing research. It had a neat, unique ring to it that I really liked, and each of the words actually has something to do with the overall story. The three words translate to “thistle”, “mistletoe”, and “casket”. Some of the references will be really subtle, but I’ll explain everything when the whole story is over. ;)

  5. Thank you very much for the explanation and I look forward to returning to your site every Thor’s day.

  6. Man, I want an enchanted Viking ship for a pet now.

    I looked at Loki’s face today and interpreted him to have DOUBLE bags under his eyes.

    • Haha, maybe he does! I’ll be honest that I don’t actually know what they are, aside from designy lines. Bags are good. He’s been through a lot!

  7. That’s gonna hurt D= And the icons are aweeeeeesoooooome x3 Thanks a lot for sharing :D

    • Well, luckily Coal doesn’t feel pain, so it’s more annoying than anything. XD And you’re welcome! :D

      • hehehee :) and lucky him :)
        (I took the icon of Loki thinking for my -this is my thoughful Thought- icon x3 )

  8. Totally shipping coal/rollo! LAWWL

    I’m assuming Rollo is a boy, does he just love hugs?

    • Haha! Rollo is a boy, I guess, or at least I call it a “him.” He’s like a dog, pretty much. He loves everyone. :D

  9. Have you seen the movie UP?

    • Yes, I have. Great movie. :)

      • Sweet Rollo in the last panel reminds me of Kevin.

        • Haha! They are both pretty affectionate.