Chapter 4 | Page 6

Servants are notorious gossips, after all.

TWC this week reveals the munchkins behind the trees! I didn’t realize I hadn’t figured out the colors for Narvi and Vali, Loki’s sons, until yesterday. You can vote this week to see them in all their colorful glory, then meet them for real next week! :D Thank you so much!

And! There’s a new fanart in the gallery from Tanya Godwin of none other than everyone’s favorite resident trickster. Looks like he’s about to cast magic on someone, but will it be good or bad?….Probably bad. Go check it out!

This upcoming Monday is the last day to nominate your favorite webcomics for the Webcomic List Awards! Just a friendly reminder. :D

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  1. Like I said, staying up until 3am has it’s advantages xD

    Loki ear’s so cute~

    • Haha, guess it does! I wouldn’t make it a habit though. XD And thank you!

  2. Very neat work again :D

  3. His kids are so cute!! I love their hair styles :) Uh oh, looks like Coal’s getting some competition in the adorable little boy category.

    • Coal objects! He’s not a “little boy” after all. He’s a MAN. Or something. He thinks he is anyway….

      • All boys think they’re men!!

      • So sorry, Coal! He’s just an adorable little man…guy…person. Whatever he prefers, I just find him the cutest ever :)

  4. Um, don’t you mean the THREE of them? Or am I mistaken?
    Coal, Loki, Rolli…… who else?

    • Oh, no, sorry! Loki means his family, which is him, Sigyn, and their two sons. He means it’s just his family there in the valley, so they don’t really need servants.

      • Ohhhhhhh! Okay *facepalm* Sorry, I thought he was talking about him and Coal and Rolli- awesome names btw. :D Love your comic-totally sick!

        • Sick! Awesome! …..That’s a good thing right? *old fogy*