Chapter 4 | Page 8

They don’t get a lot of visitors.

For TWC this week you get some sketchy mock-up of what might be the cover for the first printed volume for TMK. It might change as I figure out a theme to use across the volumes. Thank you! And Happy New Year! Here’s to another good one. :D <333

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  1. Ha ha, what luck. I just happened to refresh the page once and BAM! Update! These two are completely adorable! I’m liking your portrayal of Loki more and more. :)

    And a happy New Year to you too.

    • Aww, thank you! That IS great timing. XD

  2. Loki’s kids are adorable. And they’re one (two?) to talk about weird eyes. :)

    • HAHA, yeah I know, but there’s more to it than just Coal’s eyes as they are now. *secretive music*

  3. haha this page is adorable! Love it~ The sketch for the first book cover looks pretty cool too.

    Happy New Year!

    • Thank you! I might still tweak with the cover but for the most part I like it too. :D

  4. Silk ? Now that must have been expensive, in that part of the world, at those times…

    • Yep. ;) Coal did mention it was his best tunic. It wasn’t everyday wear but you want to go into Valhalla looking as good as you can!

  5. The ups: Those kids are great! xD
    The downs: No Loki…lol

    • Haha! Yeah this is the first page without Loki for a long time! He’ll be back soon, don’t worry. ;3

  6. Oh my god! Dat panel two-so frickin’ cute!

    • Haha! The boys are super happy to have someone to badger.

  7. Its better then if they attacked all their visitors. My god they are so cute.

    • That is true. At least Loki hasn’t rubbed off on them too much. XD

  8. I love how they think Coal´s eyes are weird. :D No wonder, though. Afterall, both their and their father´s eyes are different from his.

    • That’s true! But it’s more than that as well. They know why Coal’s eyes are like that, but they’ll talk about it more on the next page. :3

      • Yay :DD

  9. The most lovely boys ever!

    • Loki would agree with you. :D

  10. GAH! Squirrels-on-caffiene eyes!

    • That’s….bad I take it? o__O;

  11. OMG, they’re so cute!

    • Haha, that they are. Certainly eager.

  12. His eye’s, what about their eyes, Like deer caught in headlights. I’m surprised, they’re not pointing out his beaver teeth.

    • Haha! Well, bad teeth was rampant back then. The eyes are the most important. ;3

  13. And I was so sure they’d turn on him and go RAWR! XP

    • Hahaha! Well, since they don’t get a lot of visitors there’s no reason to scare them off! They like visitors. :D

  14. So. Much. Cute! :)

    • They are the cutest! And actually they probably will be the cutest until Arne shows up.

  15. Happy New Year, how do Norse celebrate the New Year.

    • Happy New Year! And I don’t know much about how the Vikings might have celebrated, though I’m sure they had solstice parties.

  16. XDD Loving Loki’s kids so far.

    • Thank you! They have their father’s personality mostly. :D Except perhaps less mean.

  17. Just stumbled upon your comic today, and i must say, greatly enjoyed looking through the story so far. Very unique art style you have, and I am very interested by the story, keep up the awesome work!

    • Thank you so much! I hope you continue to read and enjoy. There’s lots more story left to go. XD

  18. 700km Away from home, and still checking your updates 8D

    • Awesome! The internet is pretty cool that way. ;3

  19. Oh my…oh good gracious…this page is so full of cuteness I may just explode! GAHH! They are just SO CUTE :D Seriously love the characters you’re creating :)

    • Eee, thank you so much! I know my art isn’t the best out there and not everyone’s cup of tea, but I certainly hope everyone can connect with the characters. Even small roles like Narvi and Vali. XD

      • Eh, you can never please everyone. But I for one love your style, and honestly, your characters are some of my favorite in webcomics :) Keep up the good work! And keep up the cuteness! :)

  20. Kids, you do NOT touch someone’s sword without their permission. That way lies fatal misunderstandings.

    • Good advice. *sage nod* If only Narvi and Vali would follow it.

  21. you do cute so well, i’ll bet even fenrir will look cuddly while he is eating the world. lol!

    • Hahaha, thank you! XD I guess we’ll see when that big ol’ wolf shows up.