Chapter 4 | Page 9

Not like Coal, apparently.

The first page of the new year! You might notice it’s a bit bigger than previous pages. Since there will be more dialogue in future pages I decided to increase the size a bit so the text is still legible. They may get bigger still, but we’ll wait and see.

Anyway, I hope you guys had a great holiday! For TWC this week you get sketches of ideas for Loki’s house. I still need to finagle the layout. It’s not 100% historically accurate, but pretty close. Loki actually lives in a fairly small house, though it’s big enough for his family. Vikings of old lived in longhouses with a central hearth right in the middle of the building. There were low benches along each wall where people sat and slept. Loki’s family is pretty lucky because they have their own bedrooms with actual beds. To have a bed at all was definitely a status symbol. Even though Loki’s hall isn’t as big as Odin’s hall (or even Coal’s old hall), all his possessions are top of the line.

Edit because Sarah’s a doof: “Einherji” is the singular form of “Einherjar,” the warriors of Valhalla that belong to Odin. At least I think it’s the singular form, I’ve only seen it this way once, and it may have been in a very old, possibly out-of-date book. If any Norse-lovers know better, please let me know!

Thanks you guys! See you next week! :D

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  1. Awww, look, they got a pet~ a Cute pet full of Teeth and evil Claws~ <3
    You Better be a pet, I allow nothing do any harm to Loki nor his family. Try it, and be ready for Stein's Wrath~

    Anyway xD

    Damn you Slow TWC update, you got me all curious on the sketches xD
    Well, since I come to vote everyday, It won't be long until I see them 8D

    • Awww, thank you for voting everyday! I’m sorry TWC doesn’t always update in a timely manner. DX That can be a pain.


    Ahem, so if Coal’s 15, that’s would make Loki’s sons 10 or 12? Somewhere around there?

    • Their ages tend to fluctuate in my mind, but I peg them somewhere around 8 to 10 years old. That active stage that allows for occasional downtime. Very occasional.

  3. Haha, what big teeth you have… XD
    I just caught up to the latest page and I am lovingthis comic! Plus the “viking” drawing style really grows on one :D

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you like the comic so far! Even the vikingy style of drawing, which could be more vikingy, but we’ll see. XD

  4. Aw man I voted and it wasn’t updated for me yet either lol Ah well.

    Love the last panel. He’s just like “uhhhhhhh”. Maybe you should say something Coal. Just maybe. A slight suggestion. But then, they seem the type of kids who might be aware but not show it. Or it could be a pet, though it really looks like it wants to eat them. A disgruntled pet perhaps? Hmmm…

    • Blah, I’m sorry it wasn’t updated for you yet either. D: I know it doesn’t really update till perhaps 3 AM Eastern.

  5. Um, eek?? DEATH FROM ABOVE! Though I also have a feeling he might a cuddly pet, lol.
    Happy new year, had a great one too and also catching up with my comic now XD
    Ooh, architecture sketches, I want!

    • Yes I am awaiting said comic. You and your cliffhangers. XP Thanks!

  6. Pet? It’s probably a sibling. Loki gets around.

    • Not a bad theory. XD Who knows what stories were lost to us over the generations.

  7. I’m guessing it’s Loki actually. He is a shapeshifter after all, and he loves a good prank.

    • That’s a good theory too! Next week will reveal. :D

  8. It just wants to play.

    • With sharp teeth and claws. D: Against cuteness.

  9. whats a einherji? or should I stop asking questions and wiki these subjects?

    • Oh, whoops, I meant to explain that in the description but totally forgot! Sorry! “Einherji” is the singular form of “Einherjar,” the super-powerful warriors of Odin that Coal is now a member of. At least I hope it’s the singular.

  10. So I take it coal is not “fully” a einherjar as he didnt drink the entire horn back then.

    And as always great page, is the trees tiring to draw?

    • You are correct. :3 And the trees are actually the easiest part! XD

  11. Reminding you to help control the monster population. Have your monsters spayed or neutered.

    • Haha, wise advice to anybody.

  12. LOL. All right, who thinks they’ll turn and hug the dragon, screaming “DADDY!!!” ? xDDD

    • HAHAHA! That would be cute! XD

  13. i agree with her majesty, too cute, and almost predictable ;) i thought that you were supposed to vote every day, i try to vote for my favs every day.

    • Thank you for voting, every day or every week or whenever. XD

  14. Yes Einherjar is plural and Einherji is singular. not a Norse lover though just Icelandic.
    Love The Comic and Norse mythology so thanks for making my ├×ors day.

    • Yaaay, I’m glad I was right. XD Thank you so much!

  15. I had no idea Loki had two other sons. o_o I mean, I knew about Fenrir, Hel and J├Ârgmugand… Great page though, and that monster is downright creepy. IS IT GONNA EAT ‘EM? D:

    • Yep! Loki has one or two other sons, depending on the book you read about him. I went with two here since it adds a bit more to the atmosphere. These are the sons he had with Sigyn, and they’re kind of important. :3

  16. I just discovered your comic! I am in love with the scenery and the characters so far! I have no knowledge of Norse legends so I’ll be reading and doing a bit of research to understand along the way.

    That creature in the last panel seriously freaked me out!

    • Aw, thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoy it! I’m hoping that TMK develops in such a way you don’t have to know everything about Norse mythology to understand the plot, but some research might help understand some of the subtler mentions or animosities. It’ll also spoil the end of the story (what happens to the gods anyway), so be careful! But then some people like spoilers. XD