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A couple of you guys last week were right. How awesome would it be to have a dad who can change his shape?

New art in the gallery! We have three new fanart pieces from Annie, Stein, and Cloud of Coal and Loki and Coal respectively. Totally awesome stuff, go check ’em out! I also added Narvi and Vali’s rough color sheet, but that’s not quite as awesome.

For TWC this week you get a close-up of Hedda’s square from the Comic Creators Alliance wallpaper this year! It was done Brady Bunch style and includes more than a hundred other characters from all over the comicking world for you to check out. I posted something about the drive on Tuesday (look below), so if you haven’t already donated, please consider it! Thank you! :D

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  1. bwahaha that’s adorable. Love it <3

  2. D’aw! Just as I suspected, the little sneakster! I love it though. It’d be so cool to have a shapeshifter as a dad… Or just Loki. XD I’d take Loki, too. Haha.

    Funny, I stay up late to work on fanart, and I glance around for a reference and pop! new page. Totally worth losing the sleep on my early wakeup call for. <3 Love how adorable the twins are.

    • Haha, thanks! Good timing. XD

      • Just the squeal of “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” with little hearts made me want to hug-attack them all. You are the master of cuteness with my favorite Norse Trickster <3

        (And yes, the only bad thing about the timing was I couldn't enjoy the surprise when I woke up!)

  3. Sweet! I was right. xD
    Also: YAY to not being able to sleep when sick >.> I got to see the new page!

    • Awww, I hope you feel better soon! Sick and no sleeping is not fun. Dx

  4. Awwwww, squeeees of delight. It’s good to be home.

    However, is this a favorite persona of Loki’s, or do the boys just assume that any monster is Papa? If the latter, then the Loki family should definitely look into acquiring an au pair.

    Orrrrr, maybe the kids can see right through Loki’s shapeshifting glamour?

    • Haha! It’s more like they know the valley is so safe that just about anything scary/dangerous is most likely their father. XD

  5. I totally called it! <..>
    Aaaanyway, how shocked is coal? XD
    He should have known though, considering their first meeting *coughcough*

    • He should have! Really, nothing like this should surprise him.

  6. Oh my goodness, HOW ADORABLE IS LOKI AND HIS FAMILY? I just want to hug them all C:

    • They are the most adorablest! X3

  7. if this gets any sweeter, i gonna get a cavity. awesome work, as always!

    • I’ll try my best to give you tooth aches. :3

  8. Can they see through his disguises magically/innately, or are they just so used to him that they can smell the prankster from a real threat by now?

    • They hardly ever (if ever) get any “real” threats in the valley, and their father has tried to scare them several times in the past, so they’re used to it. XD

  9. Heh, Startled Coal is Startled. And only has three fingers…claws? xD

    I can’t help coming back and staring at the cuteness. xD I don’t wanna get to chapter forty! D: *twitches* I know too much about Norse myth and I don’t WANT to see [EDITED BY SARAH FOR SPOILERS sorry]. >.<!

    I just wanted to say, as I haven't yet: this is a spectacular comic, well-drawn and utterly adorable. Not only do I so rarely find a decent version of Norse myth but to find an author that doesn't fall for the usual thuwed barbarians in furry loincloths or pointed breastsplates is quite refreshing. Thank you for all the work and time you put into this! :D

    *Turns into a dragon and guards Loki's Valley* Grrrr Ragnarok! No touchy cuteness! D<
    Don't mind my insanity. I mean well xD

    • Don’t spoil it! Though I guess the spoilers are out there, but I’d rather keep the pages themselves spoiler-free if I can. XD At least with specifics.

      Either way, thank you so much! I’m glad you’re liking my interpretation so far. I hope I can live up to your expectations. If nothing else, future chapters will certainly be fun. ;3

      • Eek! Sorry, didn’t mean to spoil anything. Although now I really am crying at the thought. xD

        Once more: Dank chu ^_^ *uses cute voice*

  10. That’s awesome. I would totally do that if I could transform into a creepy dragon. Please continue to surprise us.

    • Thanks! I will do my best! XD

  11. Is it just me or do the kids eyes look glued on. Happy Father’s day…………What the %$#^. Tonight on springer, my father’s a monster but I love him anyway.

    • The weird eyes is my fault, but if the white on black was inverted it would look fairly normal. Maybe…Regardless, they’re jotnar and that’s how the jotnar look. XD