Chapter 4 | Page 11

This page has more speech bubbles than any page before it and probably (hopefully) any page after it. Sheesh.

Also I’m aware “Okay!” is an anachronism but…oh well.

For TWC this week you get a very special look at the use of colors in TMK. This is another of those behind the scenes things I guess. I hope you guys enjoy it! Thank you for voting! <333 Also, don't forget about the Comic Creators Alliance! I think there’s one more week left to donate. If you’ve already donated, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy your wallpaper. :D

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  1. xD It’s adorable

  2. We’ll forgive “okay” for the same reason we’ll forgive it being in English – we’re assuming you’re “translating” what the characters would “really” have spoken for us. No worries.

    Wasn’t Coal not much older than Loki’s kids (physically) are, when he died? (It’s hard to judges the relative ages of demigods and undead heroes, heh)

    • Coal was 15 when he died, and Narvi and Vali are around nine-ish. So he’s a few years older. Kids grow up so fast! However, since Loki and his family aren’t human, who knows how they really age. XD

  3. At least today I’m not sick. xD *dances*

    I doubt it’ll happen but I just would love to see Loki open the door and get clonked by a flying pot. Sigyn: I sent you to get milk a decade ago! Where have you been? Haven’t geen sitting on that blasted Iceblock of an island again have you? *blinks* And you brought home a dead man. Just what I needed. *sighs xD*
    (I seriously don’t know, sorry. xD)

    But I love this. You capture the adorable annoyance of hyper, bouncy children perfectly. *Speaks from the years of babysitting five kids at once lol*
    Silly Coal, you should be used to kids! You did have siblings or something I hope? It would be a bad idea if you were the only kid in your family and you decided to become a berserkr…. Unless you had an heir first. :P *hears the fan girls squee*

    I also want to know how Coal died. Berserkrs usually were sent to battle first, to scare the enemy before the ‘normal’ vikings followed. Another way I heard was that they were the only people able to reach Valhalla through suicide by leaping from cliffs called Halls of Odin or something. But in both instances Coal’s corpse would look messed up I’d think. Not too many ways to die in battle that don’t include wounds, and poison isn’t dying in battle… Unless he magically healed in Asgard??? Gahhh… Too early in the morning to try to figure this out xD

    I’ll shut up now :D

    • Don’t worry, you’ll find out how Coal died someday. It’ll take a while, but the story will be told. XD And you’re pretty much right. No matter what happened to Coal in life, the wounds that killed him won’t show up in death. And now that he’s dead, he doesn’t scar or anything at all. He’s pretty much invincible.

  4. So cute! These boys must have grown up listening to all kinds of great stories. Of course they’d be excited by a visitor! And can I just say that, even without seeing the designs for Sigyn I’d STILL be super pumped for the next few pages? They’ve been looking more splendid than ever after all! :)

    • I’m glad you’re excited! If you want, you can see Sigyn’s design in the gallery. XD She’ll also show up next week!

  5. WATCH OUT COAL – your gonna meet your mother as Lokis wife. That Motha ****er. Heh. Just a hunch.

    Great webcomic tho. One of the better ones on the net and the styles quiet fresh. :D

    • Thank you! I’m glad you like it! That would certainly be a twist if Coal ran into his mother here. XD

  6. Angrboda… Or is this going to be one of his OTHER wives ? :P

    • Hahaha, Loki only had one wife, Sigyn. Angrboda was his mistress, the mother of Jormungandr, Fenrir, and Hel. She’ll be mentioned (and show up) later.

  7. Aww, Coal’s already had enough of Loki’s kids. I wonder if he got along with other kids his age when he was alive? I think the two are just adorable! And yay! The house…er, hut…home!

    • Hall! Coal’s past will also be explored in later chapters. :3

  8. Love the colors in the top panel!

    “I hate your sons.” Oh my word, I laughed so hard at that :)

    • Hahaha! Thank you! Yeah, Coal has little patience for…children.

  9. NICE!! Hahaa this is the first time I comment, but I vote all the time! This comic is great, good source on inspiration for my novels as well… I love your drawing style, the eyes are just SO expressive! Anyway, hope you can keep updating the story for a veeeery veeery long time!!

    I’ll be here reading, and I promise to comment everytime from now on n.n

    Kisses and the best of luck!!!

    • Haha, thank you so much! I’m happy you enjoy the comic! And don’t worry, this comic will go on for a loooong time. XD

  10. lots of bubbles, kids love bubbles. and questions. and torturing older folk for fun. and did i mention questions? they love questions. lol!

    • Hahaha, Narvi and Vali are certainly curious. XD

  11. Oh my word. Even when you just see their faces or their heads, the pieces you decided to show of it really do look great. Loved the artistic cropping to display what you needed in expression, as well as the sense of movement. It’s great!

    And when Coal proclaims he hates Loki’s sons… Loki just laughs. I LOVE that. It’s so…. Loki.
    Hey, what’s this hole in your cloak? I hope you did get stabbed in the back, that’d be a terrible way to die.
    Coal: No… that was your father. *growls*

    That was all I could think of. Great comic, makes me laugh every time a new page goes up! <3

    • Hahaa, thank you! Not every page will be funny, but for now it’ll stay nice and light. :3

  12. They would probably drive me insane irl, but I adore Loki’s kids in this comic. Besides, Coal’s misery face is hilarious.

    (And I loved seeing you go through your color choices in the incentive! Man, that was so cool *g*)

    • It’s always fun torturing your own characters. :3 And thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the incentive! :D

  13. Eh, kids are OK., but I want to see more animals, and demigods. Oh, and didn’t Odin have an eight-legged horse? Hope you can work him in! ;D

    • Hahaha, well the story is more about Coal and the others than the gods, but I think a few other mythical beings will show up. Maybe even Sleipnir. :D

      • That must be so awkward for Loki.

  14. Okay, screw Odin, I’m siding with Loki. Trickster or not, he’s a likeable guy.

    • Haha, good! I want him to be likable. :3

  15. Father of the year: he can’t even buy his kids some shoes. Nice house though, I think I saw it on an episode of “This Really Old House”

    • Well, not all kids who have shoes actually wear them. And Loki’s house is as nice as any other of the time period. Better in fact.

      • Yeah, He has actual rooms set aside for his wife and children, along with actual beds!!! That was a sign of major wealth in those days. Still, as a god/jotun/Trickster-lord-of-Fire thingy, couldn’t he have pushed for stone walls like some Danish longhouses? :P

        Something I just noticed: That second panel is such a good scene of movement! You can tell one kid is walking backwards in front of Coal, another skipping? alongside. I wish I was that good at that sort of thing. xD