Chapter 4 | Page 12

I’m such a tease. You’ll see Sigyn well and proper next week. :D

For TWC this week you get sketches of Coal when he was a wee baby! Well, not baby like infant but when he was maybe four or five. Someday you all will learn of his past and parentage and how he died and all that fun stuff. Don’t worry. ;)

I also have a new addition to the gallery! This time it’s fanart of Narvi and Vali from Stein. They’re looking rather like their father if you ask me.

See you all next week! <333

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  1. Your use of colors astound me as normal, but the effects you did on this page are particularly eye-catching. I especially like the smoke surrounding Sigyn. It’s quite gorgeous. My favorite panel, though, is the third one. Loki’s expression looks so soft and tender, which is rare with the god of mischief ;)

    • Thanks so much! Yeah, Loki can be a nice guy, especially around his wife and kids. <3 Next page is especially mushy!

      • Ahh! Yay, more adorable Loki!

        I really like how, so far, you’ve shown Loki’s good side rather than his bad side. He’s one of my favorite gods and it can get annoying always seeing him as the bad guy.

        • Thank you! Yeah, Loki seems to be the default villain and rarely has a nice side. It’s not surprising, considering what he did/does, but it’s fun to fill in the blanks with your own ideas and own interpretation. I’m glad you like this particular version of him. At least so far. :3

  2. I’m really loving the tone in the first panel.

    • Thanks! I had a bit of a time figuring out how to make it look the way I wanted but I’m happy with the results.

  3. I think that second pannel is my favorite that I’ve seen thus far; the running through the door is so animated! Zoom!

    • Haha! Yeah I like those poses to. Everyone else is so sedate, it’s fun to draw characters with more enthusiasm in them.

  4. Thats some weird carpet shes making

    • She’s making a tapestry, or a blanket. I’m not sure what looks weird about it? I dunno what sort of patterns they really used so I just did it based on an educational viking book I had.

  5. I love the second panel! They definitely feel like they’re flying through that door. XD

    • Haha, thanks! It’s fun to draw them being all fast and zippy. :3

  6. These panels are just sublime! The next best thing would be to see all these great character designs and color palettes in action! Your pages always look like lovely screencaptures!

    Can’t wait to see Sigyn!

    • Aww, thank you so much! It would certainly be interesting to see this all animated. Good luck to anyone trying to figure out how Coal’s hair moves because I’m not sure myself. XD

  7. I agree with most of the other posters before: The second panel is my favourite. So adorable. ^_^
    It sort of looks like his (Narfi? Brown hair?) arm is moving through the wall though. Is that just decoration because it isn’t in the third panel. *wonders if the kids can move through walls like their papa goes through hillsides xD*

    Awesome spooky Sigyn o.o !!! I only ever see her portrayed as… well, boring. She’s spookier than her husband! xD And I love the Coal O.O face :D He looks like he’s rethinking this whole ‘roadtrip with Loki’ idea. LOL

    @Emily I agree! Loki was always my favourite, next being Frigg for just being awesome enough to scare her husband, Odin when she’s upset. xD You can’t help but like him in the comic, even though it hasn’t been that long since he STABBED Coal in the BACK xD
    Coal: *grumbles*
    Loki fans: Isn’t he so silly ^-^? xDDDDD

    You are going to kill us with suspense!!! None of us will reach Valhalla to stalk Coal like the insane fangirls we are. :P

    God, I use too many emotes. *nods solemnly*

    • Hahaha! I’m glad you’re enjoying Loki! XD And Narvi’s arm isn’t really going through the wall, he’s gripping a post (the post that’s next to Coal in the last panel). It’s hard to see, so I’m not really surprised it looks like that. Maybe hopefully in future pages it’ll be easier to figure out the layout of the house.

      And yeah, Sigyn’s a pretty blank slate. She’s only mentioned maybe twice in the Eddas and given no personality, except that she’s loyal to Loki for whatever reason. I had some fun with her, and I hope everyone likes her. :D

    • The Norse pantheon in general is my favorite pantheon of gods. It’s pretty hard for me to pick a top favorite god/goddess from it, though. Loki, Freyr, Thor, Odin, Freya, Frigg, Idunn, Sigyn, Baldr, Heimdall…There’s just too many to chose from! XD

      Over all, though, Isis is my favorite of all the pantheons, which my friends find amusing since Loki’s in my top 10.

      And Loki isn’t inherently bad, his tricks have just gone awry a few times…*insert valkyrie-ish grin*

  8. Hey, love your comic. Loki has always been my favorite, though I admit I can’t remember much about the Norse mythology.

    I notices that those lines under his eyes make him look a little tired in that third panel. Of course, this just makes me think of the dad who race his kid to the house and then collapses against the wall, smiling and saying, “Man, I’m getting too old for this.”

    It may look different to people viewing on a decent diced screen instead of a phone, though.

    Anyway, great comic, love it. Keep on keepin on and do what you do.

    In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “Be excellent to each other. And… party on, dudes!”

    • Thank you so much! Hopefully not knowing the myths so well won’t ruin the reading experience. I try to explain things that might be a bit more subtle. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! :D

  9. Oooooh, a loom in the hands of a goddess is seldom just a loom…

    Oh, and baby Coal is adorable!

    • Haha! Well, Sigyn isn’t a goddess, but she’s a very good weaver. XD Thanks!

  10. Awwwwwwwwwww. While I do enjoy that second panel, I must say I love the third the most. Just the way Loki holds himself and walks through the door… <333333 Sort of like a yes, yes I am back. I brought a cranky little guy with me! But it's ok, 'cause you love me. XD I dunno, it made sense in my head. Loving the comic though. And how Narvi is running so fast he uses the pole-thing for leverage to not skid across the floor (which I can see and is hilarious in my head) and instead fly into the room.

    Oh, also: the 'baby Coal' per se incentive is SO CUTE. Adorable stuff, right there. <3

    • Hahaha, thank you! Narvi and Vali have probably gone tripping and tumbling all over the place in their enthusiasm. XD

  11. Awwww… Your Narvi and Vali are so cute! I’m jealous. I have a Norse webcomic too, I’m probably going to give props to Thistil Mistil Kistil at some point. xP

    • Thank you! I’m glad you like the comic. Norse mythology is certainly a well of fun plot fodder. :D

      • Well, I’m not really using it as plot fodder… For mine, it IS the plot. I’m depicting the myths as accurately as possible in a comic form. *nodnod*

        I haven’t started on the Norse bits yet. I’m doing Egyptian, Native American, and Norse so far, but there’s been popular demand for the African ones…

  12. the more i read this comic, the higher up my rank it goes. the only one i read regular that is better, is girl genius. you’re a closing second. ;) i like the thor’sday update idea, but once a week, isn’t enough.

    • I agree it’s not enough, but there’s nothing I can do about it right now. I hope you continue to enjoy the comic regardless. Thank you!

      • i would read it even if you only updated once a month, i’d just be more impatient. ;)

  13. Love the panel of the two boys jumping into the house. So dynamic!