Chapter 4 | Page 14

At least Coal is back to his grumpy, morose self now.

Augh, this page. THIS PAGE. For some inexplicable reason this page was a beast. I think the third panel kind of intimidated me. It certainly gave me a lot of grief. I’m also sure you guys are going to give me a lot grief for announcing that next week’s page will also not be happening. I’ll be away this upcoming three-day-weekend and won’t have that comfy cushion I normally get.

However I want to make it up to you guys somehow. I was thinking maybe letting you guys ask questions to the characters? If you have any questions for ANY TMK character that’s been introduced so far, leave a comment with the question and I’ll answer it in a sketchy comic format next week. If I get a lot, I’ll pick a few (or save some for later), and if I get a few, I’ll do all of them, and if I don’t get any, I’ll…draw some fanserviceorsomethingIdunno.

In tiny news I updated the Extras section to include the Color in TMK thing and the Coal’s Secret Origins story.

For TWC this week I’ve got some more sketches of Loki when he was a young man. Trying to figure out his costume led to a kind of Russian-esque design I like. I know Loki traveled all over the place so he probably has the broadest fashion sense of any of the gods. Also BLING.

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  1. This page may have been a beast, but it’s really quite beautiful. Everything flows so smoothly and looks so good together! And the expressions…I especially like Loki’s curious face in fourth panel. And silly Vali, stop making a mess.

    Hmm…questions for the characters, eh? Alrighty then. Loki, how pretty was Thor in a wedding dress? Thoughfanserviceofeitherloki,freyr,orcoalwouldworkjustaswell. Typing without spaces is really hard to do.

    And uuugh…Why must I be impatient and see these updates on Wednesday night instead of Thursday?! I can’t see the WC for another two hours. Darn you timezones.

  2. Wow, Very nicely done.
    The smoke is wonderful! ^^
    It makes me wonder though….
    Did Coal have a loved one that he had to let go of when he died?

    • Thank you! And that’s a good question. :3

  3. I think that panel turned out great. :3
    Question for Sigyn – What made you fall in love with Loki?

    • Thank you so much! And that’s another good question. :D

  4. I.. just wanna know what she’s saying in the background of panel 3. Argh.

    • Haha! Sorry! Vali goes “But it’s good!” and Sigyn replies, “Thank you but you’re ruining your clothes.”

  5. The food would probably go through the hole in his chest.

    • Or maybe he would prefer some BRAIIIINS, being a walking corpse and all.

    • Hahaha, luckily it’s not there anymore, or that would certainly be awkward.

  6. Oh, question for Coal: What did the beer of the gods taste like? Yummy?

    • Oooh, that’s a good one too. :3

  7. Fantastic artwork, this comic is always my favorite part of Thursday.

    Let’s see… Coal, how did you first meet Loki? Loki, what are your plans and why do you need to drag around Mr. Grumpy? And finally – Coal, why are your front teeth so big? Ever heard of a dentist?

    Keep up the fantastic work, can’t wait to get the story moving!

    • Aw, thank you! Those are good questions too, though I may not be able to answer all of them. ;)

  8. Beast or not, this page looks pretty good.

    Questions for the characters? I always love those! I have a question for Coal: why so serious?

  9. That second panel was worth the effort — I love how the steam half conceals the conversation. It’s beautifully done!

    I love seeing your design process, so early sketches of *any* of the characters would be cool by me!

    • Thank you so much! The problem is so many of those sketches are spoilers, so I can’t show them. XD At least not for a while.

  10. As Emily noted, it really is a terrific page. The way the smoke curls and the mood colors of indoors– it’s a home. :) I like how Loki and Coal have found their own private booth though, everything else fading into the background.
    Hard work pays off. Yay!

    • Thank you! I was going for a cozier feel. Viking homes in general were very smoky since they didn’t have great ventilation, just a single small hole in the roof (far as we know at least).

  11. …question, question, question…

    Well, first off the second panel really caught my eye! I just love how we also get a glimpse of Loki’s wife a kids in the background. The mix of steam from the bowls and the fire’s smoke just sets a nice scene, especially with brooding Coal.

    Question: How does Coal feel about his buck teeth? Is he self conscious of them?

    Ohandyesfanservicewouldsoooooworktooyesplzkthnx. c:

    • Thank you! And I guess I have an idea for an incentive for next week at least. XD And that’s a good question, even if Coal doesn’t like it.

  12. Completely random compliment- I really like Loki’s collar. (Didn’t get to see it before because of the feather cloak) :-D

    • Haha! Thanks! XD Yeah the cloak hid a lot.

  13. Why the *second* panel, particularly? (insecure artists! What are ya gonna do) The third panel is the one with all the perspective, extra elements and atmosphere. I mean, really, it just draws me into their real/surreal world and the emotional dynamic of the two foreground figures. It’s awesome. The second is also wonderfully artful, but simpler, without having to balance the vapor from the bowls, the smoke from the fire, the flames and the slow fade to bright, sharp focus to muted background – oy, I love this comic.

    I would ask Coal – “Why so serious?” =D

    • ….Oh wow, I totally meant the third panel. Whoops…Regardless, thank you! Also you are the SECOND person to ask that. XD

  14. Oy, Coal, be more polite. It may not be magic boar meat from Valhalla but you’re still supposed to follow the guest’s half of the rules of hospitality. *Jewish Guilt mode: ON*

    Hmmm… seems Coal is REALLY weirded out by being in such a homely scene again. I’m sensing angst out the giggy. Either that or he just saw a poster of himself from when he was in the traveling carnival or something on the wall and hopes the GRRR Face will disguise him ;D

    Don’t be upset about the time! We can wait. The fact that you have been able to make a new page every week without fail is a masterful thing! We don’t expect you to ignore your life just to make a comic: you’d hate it and us fans then. One week won’t kill us (or two, although that might give us with weak hearts a scare ;P,) so don’t be guilty. You are doing a wonderful job with this, and it’s perfectly normal for an online comic to have breaks. It’s just how real life is.

    I doubt you’ll answer heavy plot questions, so I’m going to try to avoid asking those…
    What does Loki think of his children that are bound? Jormungand in the ocean, Fenrir on his island, or Hel in… well… Hel? xD Like them? Not care? Ever get a bit annoyed at Thor’s fishing trips to kill Jor or the fact that Fenrir was chained to a rock?

    And if that is too plotty: Did Coal ever go a viking? (raiding by sea?)

    And now for my comments: I can see why that second panel would be annoying. Not only do you have to get eye-level, shape and figures right, but depth perception AND murky shadow colours as well as well. You did a wonderful job on all ^_^

    Young Loki makes me think of that guy in High School you know uses weed xD
    My brother thought it was Napoleon Dynamite when he saw it over my shoulder xDDD

    Have a good time and try not to get stressed. ^_^

    • You are right, I can’t answer plot questions. I could probably answer a couple of yours though. Also omg Napoleon Dynamite ahhahaha. I hate that movie. >_> Either way, thank you! XD

  15. Question for Jormungandr: What do you do for fun?

    • Haha! Aw, one for Jormy! I love it. XD

      • OMG I want to know the answer to this one, too.


  16. your pain, is our pleasure! excellent work as always. will sygin please sew coal’s tunic, pretty please? it is his best one after all, and forever is a long time to have a hole in your best tunic!

    • Haha, thanks! Coal’s tunic will be repaired eventually, worry not. ;3

  17. I think this is one of my favorite pages so far, so, good on you. :3

    I can’t think of any intelligent questions though. ^^;

    • That’s okay! Thank you. :D

  18. The third panel looks great, this comic just keeps reminding me of all the viking stuff we learnt in primary school.
    Here’s a question for Loki, have you played any practical jokes on Coal ? (seeing as you are a trickster :) )

    • Thank you! Good question too. XD

  19. I can see why the third panel would be intimidating – it is really quite a feat, what you accomplished with it, though! It looks wonderful with the depth and the smoke and the… everything! Personally the fire looks a little strange the way you squigglied it up, but oh well – that’s the style of the rest of the comic, so I’m not going to nit pick. =)

    Coal looks much older in these pictures, and not really grumpy, just… malcontent? A little unhappy, but I wouldn’t say grumpy. Poor guy. There’s clearly something on his mind.

    By the way, the incentive of young Loki cracked me up. He’s so loaded up with bling (especially when compared with the other characters)! I love his look with the short hair, he gives me the feeling like you’d have a good time chillin’ with him. Only the last one makes me think of him as a guy with drugs. XDDD I love imagining what he’d be like back then… I can totally see what Sigyn sees in the crazy man. ^^

    As for questions….
    Do they have to have been introduced in the comic itself? If not, I’d like to ask Coal’s mother a question –
    What was it like to be with Coal’s dad and have little baby Coal (although you apparently didn’t have much time with him)?

    And Coal’s father –
    What was it like when you lost your wife, and was left with Coal?

    Coal –
    What is it that you’re missing from your past and/or makes you so grumpy?

    Sigyn –
    Any fun stories of family life with the trickster god as your husband and two crazy little twins running around? ^.^

    And just because I can’t leave Loki alone… –
    What was your favorite trick you pulled/planned (it doesn’t necessarily have had to have worked)?

    • Thank you! And your questions are great, but I can’t answer the spoilery ones! Sorry. XD

      • Haha, which is probably most of my questions! Here’s to hoping that Sigyn and *maybe* Loki’s aren’t too spoilery! =D

  20. There’s something about Loki’s expression in the fourth panel that I really like.

    Hmmm..questions though.. ..hmm.. ..ah! Loki, what’s your favorite thing to shape shift into? :3 Or..or…what’s the strangest bit of shape shifting you’ve ever done?

    • I’d like to toss in my guess of “a mare” xDDD Since he got pregnant and gave birth to an eight-legged horse because of it.

    • Thanks! Good question too. ;3

  21. Yo.

    You rock, and so does your comic.

    Loki is awesome, and Rollo is the most awesome boat to ever live.

    Many Kudoses…eses…es. Words… grammar correctly talkem much good the.

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you like the comic. :3

  22. One for Loki: Who is your favorite Son/Daughter :)

    • Gasp! That’s an unfair question! D:

  23. Hi there. I never comment, so I’m not sure how much priority my question will get, but I would at least like to let you know that I’ve reread Thistil Mistil Kistil three times and it’s quite a favorite of mine. My question is, are Loki’s sons twins?

    • Aw, thank you so much! And I’ll just answer your question here: Yes, they are twins! Fraternal twins, obviously, but twins all the same. XD

  24. To Thor: STOP THE HATE (seriously, compensating much?)
    Other gods: I imagine Thors’ pretty annoying running around raging all the time, have you ever wanted (or have) to drug him for some peace and quiet

    Love the comic Sarah :)

    • Thank you! That’s a funny question too. XD I’m sure the answer involves beer.

  25. Dear Rollo,

    How do you feel about being a boat? Is it boaty?

    • Rollo: It’s the boatiest. :D