Chapter 4 | Page 15

I don’t think Coal was ever good at manners.

It’s a new month and the votes at TWC have been reset! Vote this week to see Loki answer some reader questions. He’s more personable than Coal, at least. Thanks you guys! See you next week!

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  1. Man, I want a Loki or a Coal Patch Together toy.


    • That would be awesome! Too bad I have no idea how they (Coal especially, with that hair) would look in three dimensions. I love the idea of a Jormungandr plush though! XD

      • Jormungandr Plushie? I want one xD
        Maybe if I can get my hands on some cloth…. *plotting*

  2. Is that true?? Or is Coal hiding something?
    I can’t wait for the next update!

  3. OMG! Loki answered one of my questions! AND he left off all mysteriously! xD *Intrigued*

    I love the boys. They remind me so much of the kids I babysit.

    Not hungry? I have this sudden instinct to tell Coal he may not leave the table/Longhouse until he has cleaned out his entire plate. *well, bowl but still xD* It may not be fancy but my goodness, you really shouldn’t insult a godlike being’s wife. Especially if she is a mother. You won’t win, and there is no use in trying. Mothers always win. *nods solemnly while thinking of her Mom lol*

    Another wonderful page! Well worth the wait. ^_^ I really like the first panel, as well as Sigyn’s eyes in the last. I sense a ‘talk’ coming xD. Will there be anymore interview-style pages after this?

    *Finally stifles self*

    • Hahaha! Glad you liked his answer. ;3 Thank you!

  4. So wait, Loki will answer questions next week like Coal did (or technically didn’t)? Great comic, looking forward to Coal vs Sigyn. I know Loki is a shapeshifter, but does Sigyn have any powers?

    • No, if you vote on TWC this week you can see Loki answering some questions. Well, as much as he can. XD As for Sigyn…well, you’ll see. ;3 Thanks!

  5. So question for Loki:

    What do you like best in each of your children?
    (Including Sleipnir, Fenris, Jormun and Hel)

    • Haha, nice! I’ll have to remember that for next time. XD

  6. Poor Coal. Just a teensy bit of misdirected hostility here. Is somebody missing their Mommy?

    • Awww, maybe! Maybe not. HMM.

  7. No food. Not an afterlife I wan’t to be apart of. Those kids seem a little immature and messy to be 10-11. They seem more like 4-6 year olds.

    • Haha, Coal could eat if he wanted to, he just doesn’t feel like it. I’m sure the einherji are more interested in beer than food anyway. XD

  8. I want to know how Loki won the favor of his lady wife. ^_^ Also what is a patch together toy?

    • That’s actually a bonus comic I want to make for the first volume’s print edition, hopefully. And Patch Together is a website where people can submit designs for figurines or plushies and people vote on it (you have to register to vote though) and if the design gets enough votes, and then enough pre-orders, they make it. It can take a LONG time to get the figurine but it’s still pretty neat.

  9. Alright, now that someone mentioned it, I am putting ‘make a Coal plushie’ on my to-do list. It’s just such a great idea, I can’t let it pass by! But I won’t have time to make it look super awesome, so… FELT AND BAD SEWING SKILLS, HERE I COME! lol.

    Also, ridiculously excited when I read Loki’s answer to my question. His face was priceless. <3

    Coal's a bit angsty here, innit he? Well, he'd do better to remember his manners! Hmmm to stitch a frown or neutral face on Coal's plushie…. XD

    • Hahah! Well, Coal certainly frowns or looks blank more than anything in the comic. XD

  10. Oh yay Loki answered one of my questions!

    And Coal is such a -grump-. He needs to cheer up.

    Though with Odin’s threat know….punishing him if he didn’t succeed WOULD be a valid reason to be a bit grumpy. XD

    • I know right! Loki just doesn’t understand. D:

      • Riiiight. Loki doesn’t understand at all about Odin’s violent punishment tendencies…. XD

        Longtime reader, first time saying this: Your comic rocks my socks off! Beautifully illustrated and interesting character designs, not to mention the intriguing plot. I plan to keep reading as long as you keep posting

        • Aw, thank you so much! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying it. :3 And yeah, even if Loki understood, he probably wouldn’t care.

  11. a good mother, is a mother to all. coal should relax while he can, ’cause i’ll bet soon there wont be time to.

    • You would be right about that. :3 Actually Coal never relaxes ever.

  12. Sarah, how do you say Sigyn’s name? Can you spell it phonetically for us poor readers who just insert “mumble-mumble” every time we see the name, because we have no idea how to pronounce it? :(

    • Haha, I know how you feel! It’s said pretty much the way it looks: Seg-in (though I almost always say it like sig-in). I actually found the pronunciation from the website (click here) of all things. XD

  13. I’d just like you to know that this comic is making me reread my Norse Mythology book. >.>
    Which is a good thing. :D

    • Aw, I’m sorry/you’re welcome! Reading is definitely always a good thing. You don’t need to know the myths backwards and forwards to understand TMK’s story but it helps with the occasional “inside” joke, and those guys that know what happens know what’s going to happen, to an extent. ;3

      • But I like rereading it. >.>
        You’ve given me an excuse to drag it out of hiding, and there it sits on my computer, just waiting for me to pick it back up and enjoy Loki’s pranks. XD … And the fact that he gave birth to the Sleipnir, hee.