Chapter 4 | Page 16

A deadline? Hmmmmmmmm.

TWC this week is the rough thumbnail page for next week’s page. Sorry it’s not something more substantial, I was playing Dragon Age II I was…busy. Sorry also for the lame thumbnail on its own. It’s not one of my favorites even as thumbnails go, but sometimes you just have to get something out and move on. Incidentally, we’re coming very close to the end of this chapter! And I still haven’t finished writing Chapter 5! I should get on that.

Has anyone noticed a change in the speech bubbles the last two pages? I’m kind of experimenting since I’ve never been 100% happy with the old ones, but I’m not sure with these either. What do you think? Or is it something I shouldn’t even worry about? Darn bubbles. Give me more grief than the art.

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  1. Nope, I can’t see a difference in the bubbles. What changed?

    • Their shape and the stroke around them. Guess it’s really subtle!

  2. Yeah, Coal. A deadline?
    I wonder what Coal will say. :0
    Does He have a deadline, or are we just being played with….

  3. Coal is a little jerk, sometimes. :)

    Of course, this is Loki we’re talking about, and he can positively define “jerkwad” when he wants to stir the pot. On the other hand, he’s actually helping, here. What’s got Coal’s panties in a perpetual twist?

    No, honestly, I cannot say I noticed about the bubbles. Speech balloons can be a pain when you’ve got a lot of dialogue. You don’t want to create a huge wall of text, obscuring art (especially when it’s as fine as this) On the other hand, TMK is not a “silent” feature, and a lot of what happens depends on the Norse words and names, as well as the spoken interactions between the characters. I would say you shouldn’t worry about them, frankly, since I have not noticed them being intrusive in any way. I think so far you’ve managed a nice balance.

    • Haha! Coal’s just…edgy. And yeah I definitely try to keep the number of bubbles/text on a page to a good balance. Even I get distracted by a wall of text in comics unless it’s nicely broken up. Thank you!

  4. The difference in the speech bubbles is very subtle, but I say if it makes you happier, go for it. :)

    I just love Coal’s gaping hole in his tunic. I’d be annoyed and antsy if I were him, too. And I have to wonder if Loki knows that and is just playing with the poor guy…

    • Thank you! That’s a good thought. Loki probably knows or suspects more than he lets on….

  5. patience is a virtue of the wise. coal had better wise up if he wants people to help him. i think the words are more important than the bubbles. your dialog would be good even without bubbles. so please yourself, we’ll still be here.;)

    • Haha, thank you! I don’t think Coal was ever very patient, even when he was alive. D:

  6. I didn’t actually notice the difference in the bubbles, besides the fact that you don’t overlap text as often now. *feels rather dumb >.>*

    There seems to be no difference between a Jewish mother, a German, Irish, Italian or old Nordic mother, besides the accent. xD They all are scary as can be, tell you to eat, and can make grown men cower with guilt/TALKS. (capital letters entirely meant)
    Coal has no chance. Poor Coal.

    The art and expressions in this page are wonderful! I saw it this morning but had no time to comment. Loki seemed very eerie around five in the morning in that last panel. xD Coal’s darn lucky that Loki IS helping him (…Maybe,) rather than just keeping him out of the action and waiting for the gods to get antsy. Unless that’s his plan… argh! I can’t help but try to figure out what happens next lol. It makes me wonder though: IS Loki helping or hindering? He never promised he would, just said Coal needed him… it would be just like his mythos if he kept the hero occupied until it was ‘too late’.
    And he DID try to kill him… It all depends on how much Loki knows/what his plans were for swiping the pieces of power. Prank or all out war? xD

    *sits and eagerly awaits updates*

    • Hahaha! Thank you! It’s always fun to see what people think might happen, I just hope you enjoy what actually does happen!

  7. Gosh, sometimes Coal really can be clueless, can’t he? *sigh* Coal, resign yourself to the fact that even Loki has a family that he likes, and would like to spend time with. Just because you’re dead and alone at the moment… /harshness

    In other news, I thought you might like to know that I actually did act on the idea of a Coal plushie! He’s getting fairly near finished, too. When he’s done I’ll be sure to send pictures along… also, his shirt is detailed. But I like it. XD Just thought you might be interested!

    • Haha! Oh man when you are finished I definitely want to see little plush Coal! Take a picture and I’ll stick it up in the gallery too!

      • I will certainly do so! =) Though he isn’t exactly right… I use the excuse of this is my first* plushie! XD I’m thinking I might go forth and do Loki, too…. Coal is being super fun. Finishing him up tonight/tomorrow, so excited to see how he looks finished up….. <3

        *Technically I did make a plushie when I was 8… but that was with my mother's help and the sewing machine, so she was a bit more of the traditional doll. Meh. Still awesome.

  8. Hey, late commenter here!

    It’s nice to see the real depth behind the characters, especially since I can start to make WILD PREDICTIONS. Or not. Heck, I probably won’t have time to harass you all.

    Anyway, I would like to chip in and note that Coal didn’t really seem to get antsy until after they got into a family setting.
    CONCLUSION? Coal probably has some issues with his family. We know that his Mother was Christian, and died a while ago (while Coal was young[er]?). We don’t know much about his dad, I think, except that he’s pretty important. Maybe his dad didn’t have a lot of time to raise the kid by himself, though we’re straying back into WILD ASSUMPTION territory here.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

    Sherlock Batman, AWAY!

    • Hahaha! It’s fun reading about what people think might happen, as long as I don’t disappoint with what actually does happen! That’s probably my biggest fear when it comes to speculation. XD Either way, thank you very much. :D

      (And I fixed your typo.)