Chapter 4 | Page 17

Poor Coal. Can’t you just relax? You might be getting a lecture soon.

TWC this week are finaglings for Coal’s future outfit. He won’t be wearing his torn purple tunic for much longer, and while I had figured out his other costume years before, I figured it was time to revisit it. He gets some armor! Not that he needs it.

Also also! Check out the fanart gallery for something very unique! Cloud sent me a photograph of a fanart of Coal, but it’s not a flat illustration. It’s a plushie! It’s pretty awesome, go see! She has a few more photos of it on her DA account too.

Thanks guys, see you next week! :D

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  1. Ooooh check out Coal’s swanky new outfit! Why the armor I wonder :d

    • Thanks! And it’s probably to protect any future attempts at stabbing him through the back, and ruining another tunic.

  2. i guess he can feel odin’s lash in his head driving him on, like an itch you can’t scratch.

  3. …… I feel the irresistible urge to make another Cloud plushie, this time with his new tunic & mail. And he would probably come out better, since I know how to work a few kinks… Originally I was going to do Loki next, but now I’m torn. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! How do I decide?

    As for the comic page… so Coal is disrespectful (without really meaning to, of course, he’s just oblivious), and Sigyn gets him outfitted in clothes, it appears? Aw, she’s so understanding. Or does she just not want Coal to somehow get Loki into trouble (hah! Loki not being in trouble… now there’s a scary thought!) Either way, can’t wait for next week! ^-^

    • Thanks! And haha, make whatever plushie you want! And I hadn’t even thought of Sigyn giving him clothes, but that would be a good guess. XD Course I just exposed the fact that’s not where he gets it from….

      • Darn, decisions! *is not good with decisions* … I am so gonna make an awesome plushie over spring break. XD

        AH! Not Sigyn? Curious. Veeeeeeeeeeeery cuuuuuuuuuuuuuurious…. *ponders*

  4. Rude Coal is Rude! =D
    But really man, you asked him for help, you might want to be polite to the (sorta, kinda, I’m-gonna-call-him-one,) god who has every chance to kick you out of his house and leave you playing chess with the Draugr if you annoyed him. xD

    So Sigyn didn’t give him the new clothes? Hmmm, I had figured it was just a too-large tunic for the boys or an old Loki shirt… Now I’m intrigued by CLOTHING LOL!

    At the same time, I’m wondering why he didn’t just stitch up the hole in the tunic? I mean, you don’t just want to trash a purple-dyed tunic for having a hole. o.0
    *envisions Coal later…*
    Coal: I’ve made it to Valhalla! :D .>

    Random: I like Sigyn’s expression in the fifth panel. I swear you just channeled my Mother before she’d go into full “Now this is how the cow ate the cabbage and you WILL eat your veggies young lady!” mode. *hides in terror*

    • Haha! Don’t worry, Coal’s tunics will be addressed in…some chapter. It’s fairly soon though (in terms of chapters, not in terms of time). Either way, I’m glad you like the page. XD

    • I don’t see it so much as rude as he’s uncomfortable being in the company of a loving family so soon after having memories of his mother dredged up from visiting her grave. I have a feeling this is Loki’s idea of therapy (and I haven’t read ahead, just in case I guessed correctly), forcing Coal past the hurt of losing her. Otherwise, he’s being extremely insensitive.

  5. wow, my post looks weird. o.o
    that was supposed to be:
    Coal: I’ve made it to Valhalla! :D .>
    Fangirls: ANACHRONISM!

  6. Great comic you have a really nice and quite uniqe style
    This goes on my reading list for several reasons actually

    1 Cool art, a good looking special style takes a comic a long way

    2 Nicely made characters, if you dont feel for then ya dont read bout them

    3 Good story with good pacing, not to slow not too rushed. The goldilocks of comics?

    4 Norse mythology :3 big fan of it meself im from sweden so its part of local history

    5 LOKI <3 Yes im a Loki fangirl cant help it i just love the trixter god. And your take on him looks really good so far

    • Aw, thank you so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I especially love to hear from Scandinavians, hopefully good things and not that I’m butchering the stories. XD

      • woll no butchering so far ^^