Chapter 4 | Page 18

Oh burn.

TWC this week is a page of Ibrahim sketches! He shows up after Hedda, and he’s a bookworm. :D

Thanks everyone! See you next week!

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  1. Yeah, Boy!

  2. Ahahahaha. Coal, please, do not aggravate Loki. We still don’t even know why he’s ‘helping’ you – you do not need to make it worse. XD I really love how you managed to connect with softly admonishing Sigyn and angry (but not Angry) Loki. Is it just me or do the boys’ heads seem a little small in that first panel? It may just be the perspective, as well.

    And did you mean to make Loki’s hand a bit darker like that? As if in shadow? I still think that panel is my favorite. XD

    • Ah, it’s not so much darker as warmer color-wise from the firelight. And it’s possible I messed up on the boys a little. D< Oh well. Thanks!

  3. Wait, do gods need to sleep or eat?

    • I don’t know if they need to, but I’m sure they like to. Loki is a jotun anyway, he’s not technically a god no matter how chummy he is with the Aesir. Or unchummy.

  4. Agree with Cloud~ He’s helping you out of good will, don’t push it, Coal u.รบ
    Coal’s Afraid of staying Agonizingly Bored, I say.

    And I’m with you on the Yawn matter. Can’t look at them without Yawing too xD

    • I know man! Yawning forever.

      • Quick Question: You too call Several people “Man” just for habit, or you actually think I’m a guy? xD

        • Haha, no I don’t think you’re male. I informally go “man!” as like an exclamation. It’s pretty much just a habit. *secretly wonders if this is a generational thing going out of the Cycle of Slang*

  5. Oh, ouch. Face it, Coal, you’re in over your head — better take it easy.

    I do get the coping mechanism of staying so busy you don’t have time to think about what you’re experiencing (and in Coal’s case, the whole being dead, probably losing loved ones, etc., etc. there’s a whole lot I bet he doesn’t want to process), but it’ll catch up with him sooner or later. Even if, technically, he doesn’t ever have to rest.

    • Yeah, though he’s had plenty of time to mull over his death on the boat ride to Loki’s valley. Even then, he probably didn’t think on it for long. Poor Coal. D:

  6. What is Loki, exactly? A god or demigod or titan or giant or peculiar Norse mythological race? I almost remember you mentioning what he is exactly, but not enough to, you know, remember.

    • Loki is a jotun! I did mention it in like chapter one, but that was years ago. Jotun translates to “giant”, which is generally regarded in the myths as an evil race, even though apparently their women were quite nice considering the number of Aesir that married/had kids with them.

  7. well, it could be worse. you could be wandering alone, hopelessly lost without a guide. boredom’s looking pretty good now, huh? lol! and on a serious note, powder, or syrup?

    • Wha? O_o;

      • chocolate milk. you said you were an aficionado. so i asked, cause i was eating oreos and chocolate milk while reading this morning. it is the breakfast of champions, you know! lol!

        • Ohhhh hahah. Syrup! Though I def couldn’t eat it for breakfast. D:

  8. Oh my. That is burn. I feel a rant coming on….

  9. We can’t all be undead Vikings young man!

    • Coal feels everyone should be undead vikings.

      • By the way, I just want to hug and snuggle the little kids! SO CUTE!

  10. lol Coal. Man why can’t everyone just be DEAD that would make things easier!

    Also Ibrahim is a total cutie!

    • Haha, yeah, Life sure messes things up! And thank you! :D

  11. “We can’t all be so lucky to feel nothing at all.”
    Ooo BURN. Rather fitting coming from Loki, who’s often considered a Fire Jotun xD
    Hmmm, from that little sulky glower, I’d say Coal IS feeling something. Loki hit a nerve?

    I may be putting too much into the expressions, but Coal’s glare to Loki’s words looks nearly as harsh as the one he gave Odin.

    I have a question: Why does everyone call him ‘boy’? He’s a berserkr, which was a freakishly dangerous warrior, of an age to be considered a ‘man’, and if he did fight and kill like he said, then theoretically he shouldn’t be thought of as a kid anymore. Or am I way off?

    I love the colours in these panels. The blues seem so calming and sleepy, then the sudden zigzag behind yelling Loki make it seem like a tired person snapping that he wants more sleep darn it! xDD

    • Thank you! Loki calls Coal “boy” primarily to belittle him, at least in this case, and also because Coal is younger than he is. Loki would probably call anyone younger than him some form of “boy”, like “lad” or “kid” or whatever else. Even if Coal was twenty, Loki would still call him “boy”.

  12. Panel two – so cute!

    • Thanks! It was nice to draw something sweet like that. <3

  13. As much as the situation sucks right now, Coal, I doooon’t really think that being all pissy with Loki is the best of ideas.

    That, and he is offering to help you. A little ungrateful there, huh?

    • Haha! Yeah, Coal’s just super anxious and he’s acting like a brat, but it won’t last long.

  14. Im really starting to like coal, he’s definately completely different than alot of heros artists try to make. He’s totally not a mary sue, and i’m happy about that.

    • Thank you so much! I definitely don’t want Coal to seem like a Mary Sue so that’s very reassuring to know. XD