Chapter 4 | Page 19

Well what?

TWC this week is the thumbnail for next week’s page! I got into a better groove with most of the thumbnails for the last pages, so I like them. Unfortunately this time I wrote most of the dialogue down so I had to white it out for the preview. :D

See you next week, everyone!

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  1. So me and my friend were finding it interesting that this is the first time Loki’s called his wife by her name… and then we got to talking about pet names, and grumpy faces, and reminding Loki who he was… well, it was all kind of convoluted, but this came about:

    Loki: I told you, the lines on my face aren’t GILLS, wife! xD
    Narfi: They aren’t? Awwww, i even got you some fish food. looks sad xD
    Vali: We had to go to the human world and everything….
    Loki: *can’t fight the cute eyes* *turns into fish*
    AVOID THE NETS! <3 Maybe you can go chill with Jormy for a bit. XD Family time is caring time! (I don't know, I just made that up lol)

    *keeps reloading TWC to see if it's updated yet*

    I do find it entertaining that Coal is basically acting all "ah you're acting like PARENTS I'm going WALKING blah" like a teenager though. XD Can't wait for next week!

    • Ahahahahaha fail… I meant Sigyn saying Loki’s name. XD

    • Haha, yeah Coal’s being a little angsty I guess, but he is fifteen! He’s allowed to be. And that is quite the random conversation!

  2. *Has the sudden vision of a Coal Puppet hitting its head on a wall* Angst, angst, angst!
    *Must not get hooked into watching Potter Puppet Pals again noooooo!*

    Sigyn’s eyes are sort or creepy in that last pair of panels. o.o Witchy Woman, she’s got the moon in her eyes…. I love the detail on her bonnet and the smoke. Beautiful work!

    Gah Loki, what were you doing before all this? Hanging out in owl form, yeah, but what were you talking to Sigyn about??? It couldn’t have been while Coal was there…he’d have seen or heard I’d think. For that matter, how did Jormungand know where you were? *Is killed by suspense*

    Gah, preview must update soon! Ibrahim is cute, but I want to see the sneak peek xD
    First post, wow. o.o

    • Nevermind, Cloud beat me to it. xD
      We have very messed up conversations, yes. xD

    • Thank you! I can’t answer those questions. D: But yeah Coal left the house, the next page will make that clear.

  3. I, too, love Coal acting like a disgruntled, angsty teen. I hope Loki is a good influence on him (which is leaving a lot to hope!).

    • Haha! That’s true. Loki’s not as bad as he was, at least. Still, there are probably better role models.

  4. OMG. she has no pupils…..Page 18: why is she petting her son like a cat. He looks like he is about to purr. I think it has something to do with the Freudian implications of mother – to – child. As kids we respond highly to being petted.

    • Haha, well the jotnar eyes are definitely creepy like that, since they’re white on black. And she’s not so much petting him as just moving some hair out of his face, but it is a comforting, calming sort of gesture since the boys are getting sleepy.

  5. I’m really liking the contrast in characters in these recent pages, it helps the story flow.

    • Thank you! That’s definitely something I strive for. :)