Chapter 4 | Page 20

Dead as a doorknob.

Speaking of dead warrior boys, vote this week to see some sketches of Coal when he was alive! You’ll all learn how he died and what happened to him when he was alive eventually, but that’s far far into the future. For now I’ll let you reach your own conjectures. :D

Thanks everyone! See you next week!

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  1. The Advantages of staying up late~

    • Haha! Glad I could make your late nights worthwhile. XD

  2. “A sealed fate is unpredictable” – that is a very interesting way of looking at it.

    Very much enjoying this comic!

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you like it. :D

  3. He is dead. Normally, the main character dies at the end, if he dies at all. Nope, not here. He didn’t even die in the comic! xD he’s just: Dead. xP

  4. This ties nicely with the first words she said when Coal arrived… was that intended or am I being to literal? :P

    • I had to think a minute to remember what she said, but that was an unintentional allusion. XD But if you think it’s forebodingy then go right ahead and think that! :D

  5. i guess loki wants to be the only unpredictable one.

    • Hahaha, he certainly likes being that way sometimes. XD

  6. I love the Grumpy Loki face. xD He’s like: why don’t you know!?
    Sigyn: Dear, I’d like you to take care of two boys, a longhouse and surrounding land, all on your own, still make dinner, AND know the future of random dead youths that the proverbial cat drags in and dumps in an angsty heap on the doorstep.
    Loki: *Is the proverbial cat lol xD* well, when you put it that way…>.>
    I’m just twitching though: Coal left his helm and sword! D: You don’t just leave those around for someone *coughMasterThiefcough* to swipe or do something weird to them like change them into noodles.

    Ooooo, I really can’t wait to see all the stuff in the sneak preview panel! A net? Coal swiped Loki’s invention! :P Andandand that CHAIR. It has ARMS and even a BACK! That is so a rich man’s chair. No details so no way to know if it was stolen or not… And Coal looking like he was just scolded for something he did, slinking down in it… SUSPENSE!

    I love this comic. :D

    • Haha! Don’t worry about the sword and helmet, Loki won’t mess with them. You’re very perceptive about the previews though! Well except for the net, because people had nets and Coal comes from a fishing village, etc. But you’re right about the chair being something for rich people. ;3 *is silent now*

  7. Ahhhhhhhhhh! Grump Loki shouldn’t be as cute as I see him. *squees* … this is not a natural tone for me. But he just looks so….. ah! <3 *does not have words*

    And that first panel! It looks so great! Even though it's super simple, I can get such movement from it's design and placement and all that…. and the depth with the trees and… yeah. I love it.

    Awwwwww Coal looks so content fixing that net up sitting next to that whoever-that-is-that-we-will-totally-obsess-about-in-our-free-time person! XD Even though you can only see his back. And in the past it said that Coal came from a good family, no? His father was like… the chief or something? Or am I getting comics mixed up? He was in purple, anyway, and that was an expensive dye to make, so only the richer people got to wear it (and it was his death clothes so there's also that). Innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnteresting. *ponders over incentive*

    • Haha! Thanks! I’m glad you like the page and the incentive. It’s fun to put up teasing pictures like that. :3

  8. Hm… don’t like this page. Too much that could be said with different tones or inflections or just interpreted differently. I can understand cryptic foreshadowing or vague prophesies… but the setup for this just doesn’t seem to work. Maybe if I knew a bit more about Norse mythology it might make more sense… but all I recall about Loki’s wife is that she caught the poison that dripped down at him from the Midgard serpent when the other gods bound him.

    • Thanks very much for your honest comment. You’re right about Sigyn, that’s pretty much all the myths ever say about her. But having been Loki’s wife I wanted to explore her character a bit more, so she’s developed in ways no one can really know, even if they knew all the myths. This page might be more cryptic than I realized, and I apologize for that, but I hope you’ll keep reading. Eventually it will make sense, I promise! Well, at least I hope. Thanks again!

  9. Heh heh. It’s funny because it’s ironic.