Chapter 4 | Page 23

Last page of Chapter 4. Thank you for reading!

Next week is a chapter cover page, which I know isn’t all that much in terms of substance, but I like them because they give me a chance to catch up. And since I haven’t even thumbnailed chapter 5 yet, I have quite a bit of it to do!

This week vote to see more sketches of Hedda. She’s show up in the next chapter, so yay! :D Thank you!

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    Seems that D 6 roll against his Nuetral Good nature ended up being: “Onwards! Farsooth! ATTAAAAAAACK!”
    Or, I guess he’d say: For ASGARRRRRRRD! Or some such fiddlefaddle. xD

    Hmmm, less branches overhead. Looks like he’s headed for a clearing or a path. Wonder what made it?

    I LOVE the light on his hair, and the proportions you managed. I HATE having to draw those angles, and usually take forever to get it right. Yet another wonderful page!

    • Thank you! The proportions are easy to cheat in this style since everything’s supposed to be a bit exaggerated and it doesn’t look weird (hopefully). XD

    • Hee hee! All of what you just said about Coal = my thoughts exactly! :)

  2. Ohmyyy.

    First panel=win. Can’t wait to see what he finds~ xD

    A tad off topic, but are joo interested in going to see Marvel’s version of Thor? :P

    • Thank you! As for Thor, no interest at all. I’ve never been into the superhero set to begin with, and I know if I do see it I’ll just be miffed at the inaccuracies (and irate at Loki’s ridiculous costume).

      • Heh, yeah, I thought it was fairly stupid what Marvel did with that whole thing, but I admit I’m excited to see the movie. D: Sigh, I’m a sucker for such things.

  3. More Cliffhangers D=
    And we’ll have to wait until the other week >.>

    Run, Coal, Run!
    You’ll be running for two weeks xD

    • Mwahaha, don’t worry about Coal, he’s dead! He could run forever if he had to. :D

      • xD He can run, but she has quite a voice if it caries over two weeks worth of running.

  4. Oh, suspicious cry for help! Be on the lookout, Coal!

    And I must say, the more monotonous colors on here really put the scene on a whole new level. Good job. <3

    • Thank you! It’s fun to play around with the colors for different scenes. :3