Chapter 5 | Anno Domini

New chapter begins!

For TWC this week you can vote to see the inks for that one picture I drew of Coal and Rollo when they were younger. I really liked that sketch, and I’ll be happy to finish it. It won’t be anything special, but I still enjoy working on it. I’m pretty well running out of incentive pictures and consistently get stumped on what to draw for you guys. If you have suggestions, please let me know! It might at least help to get the gears turning.

Thank you! <3

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  1. Well, it might be a bit much for vote incentives, but you could pick a tale from Norse mythology, or something of a side story to Thistil Mistil Kistil — telling it without speech bubbles, just images — and posting up one panel per vote incentive.

    • That’s a good idea! I’ve thought of making little mini comics of actual Norse myths. It’d be fun and educational. :D

  2. I think it’d be neat to see the main characters in modern clothing. XD

    • Haha! You know I’ve thought of doing that before. It’d definitely be fun to play with. XD

  3. LOL. The update that lands on my birthday has a big glaring cross and the Latin for In the Year of Our Lord. xDDDDD *toddles off to the Jewish corner, where Vikings mostly only traded for tin, lol* Random: I actually have a picture of a runestone in Israel! :D

    Oooo, I wonder if Coal will ever see Constantinople? *hopes*

    • Hahaha! Sorry? XD Happy birthday though! Wow, a runestone in Israel? Is it…real? >_>; Also, we will actually be visiting Constantinople in the future. I’m actually very excited about that chapter. :333

      • Oooh! And we can all sing along to They Might Be Giants? “Now it Istanbul, not Constantinople…hmm hmm hmm, hmm hmm hmmm…”


      • Actually yes, it was proven real. :) It was found near Latrun Tank Museum, which I think mentions it on their site… It has a large eye with a runesnakething around the edge, along with a hammer of Thor shape that seems to have been recarved to show a cross. The historians think the area was owned by Turks, and a digsite found torqs, Thor hammers and a big silver bowl with what they think is Freja on the side. It was an area full of tin and Nubian slaves oy ^^; I figured you’d be interested since your comic seems to be about how far the Vikings spread. :)

        Also: I love Bellar’s idea on minicomics! If you can handle them and you won’t want to kill us for making you work harder. *hides*

        • Oh wow, that’s amazing. I’ll definitely have to look it up. I figured the farthest south they went was around Constantinople, I never thought they went to Israel. Or, perhaps they didn’t, but their goods and art style did. I will have to look into this!

  4. Awwww! I came running over here, (typing over here?) to see the new character, and it’s a chapter page. =( (sigh). I can be patient… one more week…

    Happy Birthday, Q o’ D!

    • Haha, sorry! I did warn everyone that this week was just a cover page. XD Next week has some new characters!

    • Thank you ^_^

      It’s so hard to wait! D:

  5. I just found this webcomic and it is awesome!!! But then again, Norse mythology in general is pretty awesome.

    • Aw, thanks Minoette! It is pretty awesome. :3

  6. Are you using THOR to promote your comic?

    The thing was such a mangle, but at least lots of people will have heard the word Jotnar after this weekend.

    • Haha, I don’t see how I could use Marvel’s Thor to promote my comic, since it doesn’t belong to me. If people google for more information on the myths and run across TMK, I certainly don’t mind. XD

  7. wow, i miss a couple of updates, and the whole chapter closes. lightning+computer= total bummer.:( cool cover page, can’t wait for the next chapter!

    • Thank you! I’m sorry about your computer, I hope it’s all fixed up now!

      • nothing a new modem couldn’t fix. the joys of country living. lol.