Chapter 5 | Page 2

D: Poor lady.

TWC this week is the finished little illustration of Coal and Rollo in years gone by. Simple but I still like it. I kind of want to do more with it but I’m not sure what, and I’m not sure it would work. So, for now, it’s done.

Thanks everyone! See you next week. :D

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  1. Hey, i do like the finished pic too!
    Coal’s haircut hasn’t changed much, back then was already that messy :D
    Nice page, i do like updates. See you next week then. ;)

  2. Uh-oh, the whole family gathers round the deathbed, and the old man calls for the thrall? This can’t end well.

  3. You can make Rollo and Coal into a desktop?

    • Oh, I hadn’t thought of that, but maybe I could. That could be a cute idea. :3

  4. YESSSS. HEDDA. Whoo!

  5. i think he is lucky he is dying, or she would kill him. judgeing by the look on her face.

    • Hahaha! She’s definitely not thrilled at the moment.

  6. Wasn’t it considered shameful to become elderly instead of dying in battle in Norse culture? or am I thinking of the Spartans?

    • I don’t know about shameful, but the idea of dying in battle was certainly more glorious. Far as we figure, the Norse didn’t respect their elders too much, but family is still family. They’re not going to curse his name just because he didn’t die in battle. Plenty of people didn’t, and you still mourn a loved one no matter how they passed on.

      And I can’t speak for those Spartans. They’re way out there.

  7. *Amazing* body language from the old woman. Love it.

    • Thanks! I’m actually reading a book on body language now and I’m looking forward to trying to include what I learn there in my art. Should be fun. :D

  8. Who’s Hedda? o-o

    • Haha, she’s going to show up in the next page. I’ve hinted to her existence in vote incentives and such in the past.

      • Ah xD I must have missed it or have amnesia. Can’t wait to see who she is and how she ties into everything. xD

  9. Hey Sarah!

    I just stopped by to see if you had an rss feed for your comic (you do!) so I could put it in my reader list. Anyway, then I noticed the really kind blog post about my comic. Thank you so much. :) I’m all encouraged!

    Super curious about Hedda… :)


    • Oh, you’re so welcome! I still love your comic and I’m glad my words encouraged you. Thank you for reading TMK, and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy it! Hedda shows up on the next page! :D