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What now? Also hey you can actually see the millions of freckles Hedda has this time. :D

Vote this week on TWC to see drawings of Hedda and Coal in modern clothing. It’s nice to draw Hedda smiling for once (she doesn’t have a lot of reason to smile most of the time).

Thanks guys! See you next week!

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  1. That sucks. Poor Hedda for Viking traditions regarding slaves and their masters passing on. :[

  2. That’s not a really good surprise !

  3. If I remember correctly, Hedda will most likely be strangled to death so that she can accompany her master.

    • There seemed to be a few different ways the slaves were killed. I’ve seen archaeological evidence of beheadings and bludgeoning too. :|

      Either way, it’s bad.

      • Man, beheadings and bludgeoning still means your dead. Although I do believe beheading will be much more “humane”. You are right Sarah, either way, it is bad!

  4. That woman does NOT seem to like little Hedda. xD

    And yeahhhh, no fun being strangled and sent to be your master’s thrall for eternity. Eh, hope that your differing religions split you into different groups? xD Elsewise someone is going to Hel pretty fast. xD

    The Vote thing is UNFAIR. Coal looks too shmexy in modern clothes. xD Slouching! Such poor posture! Or is he just that terrified of Popsicles? xD
    I will miss the Loki fanservice though. *wahs xD*

    • Haha! He does look a little uneasy. Maybe it’s because there’s also a girl there, and he’s not had a good history with them.

  5. You need to relax girl…your getting split ends and circles under your eyes.

    • Haha, that’s not so much from stress as being a slave. Though I suppose they’re interchangeable.

  6. Wait… WHAT? o___o He wants her to die with him? Me and Stein weren’t that far off with some of our theories, then. |D Or maybe he wants her to come with him to get his shaving axe? XD

    • Hahaha, it’s not looking likely.

  7. I guess he didn’t needed a Shave after all D=

    He still needs an Axe? xD

    I love the incentive 8D

    • Thanks! I’m sure he’ll get an axe in his stuff. Gotta drag along all your weapons, after all.

  8. and now her day has went from worse to over. being property sucks! nice art though.

    • Haha, thanks! And it’s still early morning in the comic. Who knows what will happen as the day goes on….

  9. …Oh. Well. That’s kind of an awkward proposition :/

    • Yeaaaaah, not so good. D:

      • Somehow, I’m not so sure it’s a proposition…. he seems determined, for an old, dying man.

        • Hahaha, it definitely is not a proposition. XD Hedda has no choice either way.

  10. Wow. I did not see that coming. I thought he was going to free her. Bet wifey is smiling now!

    • Haha! She probably at least feels vindicated. XD

  11. … oh shi! I know what that means, poor girl, looks she knows too…
    Is it just me or does the old mother and short son seem to hate the girl? The bearded son though seems sympathetic…

    • Yeah, Hedda knows what it means. They all do. And you’re right! The older son, the bearded one, doesn’t hate her.

  12. Actually, I take my comment about wifey back. If she is a true believer, then maybe this will realy p*** her off more. It’s an interesting question; if your religion requires (or condones) human sacrifice, how would you embrace your faith, knowing it might require your death?

    As always, I imagine the upper classes didn’t have a problem with it. ;) Still, way in the back of her little mind, I’m betting wifey thinks “Thank Odin, he didn’t pick me!”

    • Hahaha! Based on descriptions, it seems only slaves (and pets) accompanied the dead. Well, that’s as far as we know, really. I don’t think they would pick a family member to go with them, because that detracts from that family member’s death. Slaves were like horses or animals and wouldn’t get anything fancy if they died. It might have been an honor to be chosen, since that at least meant they were important.

      Hedda isn’t so honored though. D:

  13. Not to pick nits, but something about the proportions of Hedda’s head and neck in panel 3 is bugging me. I think her necks too thick

    • Haha, it might be a bit thick. Her neck is also longer than most of the other characters, but that’s on purpose.

  14. Apparently, though, if I remember correctly, up until they were strangled/killed/burned, sacrificial slaves were treated really well, and in some cases would be drugged or at least made very drunk first…

    • I’m not sure if a slave was chosen from an early point to be a sacrifice, but who knows! Very little is known about the burial practices. And you remember quite well. ;3

  15. Oh man, I’m a total loser and only just now remembered to vote (such a loser!), but OH MY WORD! I kind of can’t handle the adorableness going on in that incentive! SO cute :D

    Can’t wait to see where the story goes :)

    • Haha! I’m glad you liked it! Also glad you voted, today was pretty much the last day to see this incentive. XD Though it’ll be on my Tumblr eventually too so there’s no real worries there.

  16. Loki’s braids are so pretty <3

    His kids do a good job!

    • They’re very skilled! Hard to resist messing with all that hair.