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On a happier note, I just realized that this is my 101st comic posting! And since it doesn’t include double pages, that means we’ve well past 100 pages! WOO! Here’s to 100 more! And then more than that because seriously there’s like 40 chapters to go.

TWC this week! Well…I had a bit of a brainblock and couldn’t think of anything to draw for it, so you guys get some older stuff. It’s sort of like a comic though! It features two characters from a now completed RPG. The boy is my character and the man belongs to a friend of mine. Anyway, they are long-lost brothers, and the boy has water magic. I drew this when I thought of how the two characters could bond. Brotherly love at its best.

Hopefully next week will bring a fresher brain and relevant incentive. See you then!

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  1. Riiiiiiight, so this is actually what I feared it was.

  2. Hedda: S%#@ What did I do?

    • Hahah, she knows what’s going on, though a little stupefied at the moment.

  3. “Shave him!”

    SorryIhadtooagain 8D

  4. Oh geeeez I love that little comic. xD *magic!* *magical yank!* FISHTOFACEANDLOOKOFTERROR!

    As for the comic….well good job balancing super ominous stuff with silly stuff. 8D;;

    • Haha! Thanks! I guess. XD Yeah they’re both quite different in tone….

  5. would go quietly, or die fighting?

    • Guess we’ll see soon enough!

  6. Oh snap! Hedda is about to get deada!

    • That’s horrible. And funny.

  7. Oooh, she (the wife) looks mad. I think if I were Hedda, I’d try to run now…

    • Yeaaaah things aren’t looking all that great for her. D:

  8. I think she has a friend in Tall Dude. Maybe he’ll bake her a file in a cake.

  9. Happy 100th issue! Love your comic!

  10. Will we ever find out why Mom and Stubbles hate Hedda so much? And why Beardy and Pops didn’t?

    • Well I hope to allude to it more than outright explain it, but yes! XD

      • Sweet!

        And until their names are revealed, that is what they will be called in my head.

  11. Diggin’ the stubble look……….Crocket and Tubbs agree.

  12. o xo RPG as in… game?

    • Ha, it’s not a video game if that’s what you mean. And it’s closed now anyway.