Chapter 5 | Page 7

It’s not lookin’ good.

Vote for TWC this week and you can see the sketch version of the next page! A few people have noticed that Hedda’s wearing a necklace under her dress. Next week, (or this week if you vote) you can see what’s hanging from it. Thanks so much!

Before you go I got a couple things for your attention! One is that Amazon store I made and mentioned a couple weeks ago. It’s still there, and there’s more than just viking/norse related things in it! There’s also other comics and a number of art-related books. There’s a link in the sidebar below the vote stone, and I’d appreciate it if you guys took a look! I get a percentage from every item sold, and the more I refer, the bigger the percentage gets. It’s essentially advertising Amazon, but all the items in there are things I own and can vouch for their awesomeness.

Now that the money grubbing is out of the way, I have one more thing! Last week I wrote a post for Alana Joli Abbott’s blog about writing. She’s been a reader for a while and a frequent commenter, and when she asked me to write something about TMK I was super flattered. Click here to read what I wrote! It goes into how I developed TMK and the challenges I tried working around.

This upcoming weekend is the Fourth of July, and I am going to be burning basking in the sun for three days. Just a warning in case next week’s page is late. Happy Fourth to my American readers! Don’t go crazy with them firecrackers.

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  1. Dude do you see how many viking weapons there are in that room? Flee you fool!

    • The door is locked/barred and there are no windows. D: Well…not really.

  2. Hmmm….If Hedda can keep her cool and think things out, she may have a fighting chance. It seems her “cell” is actually the foundry-cum-barn. If she is strong and determined enough, she can use one of those swords in the far corner barrel to hack her way to freedom. Just a thought though.

    • Nice! You figured out it was pretty much the blacksmith’s shed! Good eye. :D You get a cookie.

      As for Hedda…well, you’ll see.

  3. You think they wouldn’t put her in a room full of weapons. That’s like being locked up in a key factory. What’s the Christian thing to do…………….STAB-STAB-STAB. Convert the survivors.

    • It’s not full of weapons, but if she had the mind for it she could defend herself. If she wanted to.

  4. Poor Hedda!

    Also, I’m not sure if anyone else has been having this problem, but the past couple of weeks, I haven’t been able to vote here! The page won’t load, which sucks because I want to vote, and I want to see what’s on Hedda’s necklace dammit! I think it’s just for TMK, because I’ve been able to vote for other comics with no problem. I’m not sure if there’s anything that can be done about it, but I thought I’d let you know :)

    • Ugh, really? Man. Do you mean the page itself isn’t loading or the image isn’t loading? If it’s the page then it’s TWC’s problem, sometimes their server just craps out. If the image doesn’t show then it might be your browser. Maybe try clearing the cache and voting again? D:

      • It’s the page itself, unfortunately, but the past couple of days it’s been doing it for other comics too, so maybe it’s just my internet connection and the fact that I live in the boonies.

  5. Nothing special. It was a christian cross, that’s all. If you read the cast page, Hedda is a christian.

  6. Hmmm, well looks like everyone’s guessed that she could readily defend herself with the stuff in the shed.

    What if she doesn’t think she can get out alive even then? Killing anyone would mean no heaven yeah? So, would she end up going like a lamb to the slaughter if she’s devout?

    • Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Good thoughts!

  7. that kinda looks like my shop, only i have a hood over my forge. and more garden tools in the corners. oh, and i never locked anyone in it who i planned to murder. is that black trapazoid on the wood an anvil?

    • It is an anvil! Looks pretty different from what I’m used to but most of the ones I saw when I (quickly) looked up viking blacksmiths looked like that. Simple, but effective!

      • the horn on the anvil was invented centuries later. you’re missing the rack of hammers on the wall within reach of the anvil. gotta move that metal! good job!

        • I wouldn’t know, I get all my anvils from ACME.

  8. Oh Jesus D: All the weaponry in the background just make it even worse. Yikes!

    • I knoooow. D: Poor Hedda!